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55 minutes ago, Captain_Hilts said:

@Alsan_Teamaro How many will it take to crew a ship that size will depend a lot on game mechanics that aren't finished yet. How many you could cram in a ship that size would be thousands. EPIC


Then fly it into the sun killing thousands.... EPIC! :)



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@bacabab Thanks for the input. I use Sketchup and gimp for my design work. What you see here is not a design drawing but an artistic representation of a ship I have built in pre-alpha.
Because of NDA reasons I can't share screenshots of this ship. That is one of the reasons for the art style I chose.

But yea - you should see it in game - it is sweet.


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I would like to ask for a design of a small space taxi that can hold at least 3 people and it must fit in lets say  the streets of the city you see in the fifth element. Its for tranquility, we will need a taxi service, also we will build a defence force which needs fighters of the same size ;)


Feel free to contact me!!!


greetz Aaron

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