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  1. Shockeray's Dual Universe Community Map 1.1.x

    This is fantastic, Shockeray. It seems alive! (It's alive!) Cheers!
  2. Gday Lads

  3. How big can we make ships?

    Bigger than universe and "longer than the road that stretches out ahead" ... PS: phrase between quotation marks, from "Two of us" (in Let it be, The Beatles, recorded in 1969).
  4. Concerns About PVP

    And you better find a good gun and combat spaceship, bro PS: even if it's only to protect or defend your friends sometime. And that is beautiful also.
  5. Meeting the Aliens.

    I understand your point of view, although mine is different. Everyone speaks from his own background of experience and understanding. And sure we had some different experiences (and understandings), and I think they can be (and are) complementary. I enjoyed your explanation, have fun in the game.
  6. I am human

    Hello Rex and welcome to DU. You present yourself as a human. Well I don't know, I only know that I am. You know, nobody was born with a sign on their foreheads that said: "I am a human being and my name is X". I mean, that's something cultural.
  7. Depression?

    In my view, an economic of financial crisis or depresion in DU may ocurr as long as there are people interested on such thing and they make it to happen through any given mean, like it happens in "real world". The best part is that in DU, organizations of well-intended people can do much more self management, walking towards a true self-sufficiency, if they really plan it well (and better if between affine organizations they support each other).
  8. Hi There I'm New :)

    Everyone on board, keep your seatbelts on. If it doesn't work, just brace for impact.... Welcome to the flight red zone of DU. Have a good time here!
  9. Meeting the Aliens.

    We could see this as a simple matter of common sense, assuming the fact that we're not the only intelligent life form in the universe. I mean, seriously, life can't proceed of something that's not alive, aswell as something can't proceed from nothing. That's non sense. We see those stunning designs of planets, natural processes, orbital circuits, in an incredible scale. Isn't it intelligent (and loving, by the way)? Therefore, we can begin to regognize that our planet (and every planet, star and galaxy) it's a life form in itself. Now imagine, how many inhabited planets must be between billions and billions of stars (with their corresponding planetary systems). So, how not to let aliens to be in DU? Could that be realistic? PS: for godsake, there're plenty of stellar wanderers here, don't you know!
  10. When will silver founders get access?

    When the cows come home... No, just kidding, hahahhaa In Alpha 2, surely this year (I think).
  11. In my feel, automated defences have as much sense in DU as in real world. It's realistic, it's useful, so go ahead.
  12. Meeting the Aliens.

    Great topic, interesting debate. My feel is that it would be GREAT (and realistic, by the way) that there would be real PLAYERS in the role of aliens. This "faction" (or various factions, some peaceful, some predators) had its own pros and cons, giving the game much deept and fun. Anyway, aliens would create their own organizations... emergent play. And, you know, maybe this alocution could come true. Although, surely he said that, having "another kind of agenda" on mind, you know....
  13. I hope the devs take good note of the tasty and fascinating ideas said in this topic. Thank you devs!
  14. By, the way, BSO for this topic