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  1. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  2. discordauth:eMwPSQ-yJiRk6HQEsRekgEu-FP6O3KPOI4hl3QtRNRc=

  3. @bacabab Thanks for the input. I use Sketchup and gimp for my design work. What you see here is not a design drawing but an artistic representation of a ship I have built in pre-alpha. Because of NDA reasons I can't share screenshots of this ship. That is one of the reasons for the art style I chose. But yea - you should see it in game - it is sweet.
  4. Artist's impression of the F-22 prototype - now in DU Order yours today.
  5. An artist impression of the air and space F-15 - Now flying in DU
  6. Congratulations to France on winning the World Cup. Vive la France!
  7. Image: Flight of six Wraith's over Alioth, Courtesy of NovaQuark
  8. Artist rendering of a Dawn Class Multi Role Freighter in GLSU colors. Flying now in the Pre Alpha.
  9. Hilts Tower - Come see the tallest tower in NQ City. Find out what epic buildings we can design and build for you.
  10. Little red birds - shot killed - confusion - chaos - death happening before life - despair - this,,, this feeling; giving up on something before it begins - laughter - tears - voices - darkness - fog - disturbing images Continuous swirling - trapped -- Now I’m consciously aware of it - I’m trapped - a thought comes from somewhere distant - someone hacking my dreams?.....
  11. Hey Circles, thanks.
  12. Hello fellow Noveans, I am Captain Hilts, Call sign "Cooler King". I am designing, building and flying some amazing ships. If you want a ship built for you or you need a lift to somewhere. Just let me know. And if you are looking for an elite team of builders and explorers, and a way to escape the blob; come join me in the Fringe Exoplanet Cartel. Semper Fidelis, Captain Hilts
  13. @Alsan_Teamaro How many will it take to crew a ship that size will depend a lot on game mechanics that aren't finished yet. How many you could cram in a ship that size would be thousands. EPIC
  14. "We're sorry, too many people are accessing this website at the same time. We're working on this problem. Please try again later." Well you sure are popular. ; )
  15. @Alsan_Teamaro there are already 8 types of ships flying, however the details are still classified. More info and more designs coming soon. Check out the community page for more details. Hilts Independent Contracting @Captain Jack Customer satisfaction is a top priority. There will indeed be some form of warranty as well as maintenance, repair, and logistics services. But of course the exact details will depend on in-game mechanics yet to be deployed. Message me for more details. @erichconvair I've already begun design work.
  16. You know the saying - there are sheep (just wanna do their thing in peace, and not have to do a thing to protect themselves) there are wolves (just wanna shoot everything in sight - only rule is what a man can do and what a man can't do savvy) there are sheep dogs (dangerous people that have fun protecting the weak and innocent and hunting wolves) Looks like we have plenty of sheep and wolves already, if we get enough sheep dogs things can be well balanced without needing too many silly artificial rules.
  17. Hey Bjoerek - I'll be working on ship ideas and stuff. type /join FEC if you want to come hang out with us. We have another German with us here, Agilolfing. You'd be welcome.
  18. Greetings mate. How are things down under? See you in the test coming up?
  19. Welcome - See you in the test tomorrow eh?
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