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  1. 1. Do you have stress?

    • Yes (Welcome to the Support Group!)
    • No. (Luckkkk-eee)
    • Somewhat (Still Luckkkk-eee)
    • Prefer not to Answer
  2. 2. How do you cope with stress?

    • I don't have stress.
    • Screaming Externally
    • Screaming Internally
    • Screaming Both Internally and Externally
    • Asking for Support from a Family Member
    • Hang out with friends
    • Try and fix the problem
    • Shake it off™
    • Just Cry
    • Indulge in Things You Love
    • Keeping Busy
    • Talk to a Therapist
    • Square Up to the Individual / Fight the Problem Head-on
    • I'm a masochist/sadist. GET OUT THE CLAMPS (obviously a joke)
    • Listen to some Tunes
    • Relive Childhood
    • Give Up and Accept It
    • Think about what you could've done.
    • Think about what you couldn't have done.
    • Prefer not to Answer
  3. 3. Depression

    • Are you medically diagnosed with Severe Depression?
    • Are you medically diagnosed with Minor Depression?
    • Do you just feel abnormally sad?
    • Do you FEEL like you have depression?
    • Are you critically sad: (Suicide Hotline Number: 1-800-273-8255)
    • I'm good.
    • Prefer not to Answer

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Hey Guys and Gals.

I really want to know what you guys/gals do to cope with stress. I've been having a rough time (haven't we all?) and just wanted to know how you fellas dealt with it.

My life has sorta spiraled out of control (not in a necessarily bad nor good way) and just wanted some possible techniques.

Please take the discussion with a light-heart and both be serious. (And please do note that the poll is public so if you don't want to answer, you don't have to.)



As always, this is the suicide prevention line: 1-800-273-8255

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It's all self made. And to me you can only be stressed by your job, if you get stressed by friends or your girlfriend/wife/whatever then you should change them....

If you don't want to have stress - just don't let others stress you. simple. Works fine for me in my job (with downsides ofc)

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I was depressed. So I quit my job. Now I'm happy. And I can't afford to eat.  :wacko:  

While I havn't quit my job yet, I can't afford to eat either. I kinda feel you.


When it comes to coping with stress, there are 2 ways nice ways to handle it:

(1) Kick the sources aside / give up on it

or if that's not possible

(2) act as if it doesn't bother you and focus on things you'd like to do instead.


Just don't postpone a week's worth of work for later... that doesn't end well. Believe me, I know.

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AND any kind of substances to make you feel better (junk food, drugs, porn, Netflix binges, etc.) will only make your depression worse and are often an underlying cause of depression.


edit: and I do have some savings, so I can afford to eat for a while.

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I was depressed when my cousin died (He was 16) of a brain tumor, It didn't last long as i am happy he is not suffering but when still when i see pics of him i tend to tear up. But i think its normal for someone my age(14) to get emotional.


If you have depression please don't give up in life,It wont end the suffering.

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What was the point in putting "DU:" in the title? This is the off topic section.

Also putting "DU:" in the title dose not make it magically related to DU.


Just a little lost on that one.

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I get that different people have different problems - and different people will weigh their problems in different categories, meaning that something one considers trivial could be a big depression for someone else.


But it all does not help: If you fall down, you can either stand back up (slowly or quickly, alone or with help, with or without research on how to pick a good approach) or continue to lie down and bicker or slowly drown in the misery.


We all have to die at one point, so just by selfish reasons alone I don't think insisting on misery or taking your life (like some people do) is "clever".


Then again, I apply some sort of minimum way of life or wealth here, by western standards. Someone going through literal hell in an oppressive system or captivity may obviously think different about depression or even "going out", but I think this hardly applies to anyone here.


If you have the time to wait for online games while having some computer or similar and internet access, you at least have some material minimum standards or 'wealth'. But again, a lot is relative and dynamic or dependent on many factors. Some can't take certain things as well as others or recover from them (mentally). And many have different options. Some might be lucky, some might be unlucky.




This might sound simple (while doing so might not be simple at all), but all I can really say in the end is:


If you think you lose control of your life, take control back or at least try to regain a stable footing. That's the essence. If you can't do it alone in a healthy amount of time, try to do so with assistance instead. What might also help is how you measure or weigh things. Always assume there are people off way worse than you - perhaps some problems you might see aren't as bad then. A lot is mental, so tweaking said mental stance can already help.


If it helps: I've seen my fair share of death (very direct relatives etc) at a young age and also other types of misery, so I speak with a "bit" of experience there instead of just talking out of my ass from the high horse to motivate people. I kind of learned the hard way, with fate forcing things on me and my surroundings.


And guess what? Obviously, I am still alive. Didn't try to kill myself, didn't cut my wrists, got a good job despite the drama taking a toll on grades. How or why? Simply by getting back up at one point - or not going nuts. Without knowing the details of your stress I like to think it's currently not as bad as things I had to go through, so with a bit of mental adjustment and then trying to work on said sources of stress, you should eventually be fine-ish again.

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