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  1. So what if us Christians are a minority in this community, Are you atheist going to treat us like animals in a zoo? If you respect my beliefs ill respect yours
  2. Thanks, wow its amazing how many people believe in this and actually ignore other facts.
  3. I never knew this people existed until recently, can someone tell me what type of thinking can lead to this ideas?
  4. I honestly like the system you are proposing twerk , If i am correct a game at this scale we cannot use Space engineers damage model it would be too demanding on servers and the PC , it would devolve into a lag fight or even the game just crashing.But if i am wrong it would be a cool system.
  5. I will get this one when it releases , E3 was full of cool game this year.
  6. I was depressed when my cousin died (He was 16) of a brain tumor, It didn't last long as i am happy he is not suffering but when still when i see pics of him i tend to tear up. But i think its normal for someone my age(14) to get emotional. If you have depression please don't give up in life,It wont end the suffering.
  7. KingofPR

    DU Religions

    But i don't think we need a deity, we could have People feel that role like in real life were Kings and Emperors have a religious cult.One example of this were the Romans if I am correct who had a cult that saw the Emperors as gods.
  8. KingofPR

    DU Religions

    I don't know if i should feel offended by this statement or just continue with my daily life.
  9. Sorry if i escalated it but the scientific is the only one that counts the other one is a misconception, its better called sexuality. But this is a game forum so lets talk about the game not about real life problems. Lets keep our opinions to each other and sorry again if i sounded rude.
  10. He is not incorrect, there is only 2 genders and the only ignorant person here is you for being uneducated and thinking that you identifying as something you're not will make it a fact. So don't call ppl ignorant if you are one.
  11. Estoy bastante seguro que si ya que el idioma es de los mas hablado pero no te puedo asegurar.
  12. Or you can just live in total isolation and make you're faction into an empire.(This might give you a huge advantage in terms of development of tech etc.)
  13. Ok i think i am the only one, I come from Puerto Rico Carribbean.
  14. Bro xD i didnt meant tech wise i meant politics were we could have clans like in the stone age and the move to day and age
  15. Something like this could be expected with goverments falling and empires rising and stuff like that.
  16. Will we see a stone age kinda systems with a planet full of clans that may control a bit of land and then evolve from that to a modern day country?
  17. I cant give money for obvios reasons but i will pray for a succesful Kickstarter
  18. No this is not minecraft this is an mmo stop with rented server that separate the player base like Moises when splitting the Red Sea,Stop with the idea that this is minecraft in space with LOTS of ppl.
  19. Sure but it takes time man its not that easy,we first need a stable land border and territories then we can get into that
  20. Hmm I see you're idea working on massive planetary invasion,but wouldnt this creat confusion when they are shooting you while landing in random spots?
  21. Like the idea,It help people be more aware of the planet,example of this is could be like Hey let's not nuke this greenplanet and use a more conventional way of fighting
  22. How do you guys think the resource comsumption how do you think it will go in terms of speed for the game life will we see empty planets in the first year of will take lets say 6 maybe(Just throwing random Numbers btw).So basically what i really wanna say is will players that join later will have atleast some resources or will everything get consumed by bigger corporations?
  23. Proud to be a fellow servant of this great Nation.
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