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Valkyrie Squadron now recruiting


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Valkyrie Squadron now recruiting! Join Now!

Discord: https://discord.gg/KYjs5m2

Community Page: JOIN NOW! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/valkyrie-squadron



We are the Valkyrie. 
Like the myths and legends we are chosen from the planets below to rise beyond the clouds to the great halls of Valhalla (Orbital Stations). We are the Elite Squadron of Fighter Pilots, Builders, Designers, and Merchants, band together to help one another survive. 
We are an Honorable community based on Orbital Stations | Spaceports. We live off of selling Fuels, Transportation Systems, & Starship Designs. Our acclaimed space traveling technology gives us the edge we need to survive in space and travel further to the far reaches of the galaxy. 
Our main goal is to help connect the galaxy by constructing new orbital stations | Space Ports above each planet and creating a transit system of waypoints. Join our elite and help write our collective story among the stars.
Prosperity, Technology, Renowned Engineering, Design, & Connection
Help us forge our collective story and connect the galaxy together













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Thanks everyone! You're welcome to join the Org @ Valkyrie Squadron Community Page

Discord: Valkyrie Squadron Discord


Current Developments within the Org:


- Builders uniting with ODY to start collaborating in ship design

- Ship Designing is underway (using 3D Modeling to pre-render what ship could look like, as well as 2D Wireframe views and Color Schemes)

- Development and pre design of our Orbital station / Spaceport (will be pre rendered  in 3D)

- Collaborating and working along side Dual Universe Construction Guild

- Valkyrie Projects added to DU Construction Guild

- Updated Valkyrie Squadron's About sections, Mission, and Vision statements

- First Recruitment Video has been released www.youtube.com/embed/tz_AJVhEUWs

- Ranks created

- Discussions continue on our discord, see future happenings on our community page and or Discord Server


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I would love to got a ship which small, fast so it hard to get hit by enemy. Dont worry about fire power it will be good git to hit and run.

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49 minutes ago, Felonu said:

These look like concept art to me. 

Yeah, i'd have to agree. while it would be nice to have these at release, there's now way of knowing if any of these designs will be liable or live up to your claims about any of them. However its good that you are sort of planning.

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These are concepts but trust me ill make them happen in game. One way or another these will be built. Ive seen building and the way its done with voxels. But i still think it can be done.

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Announcement: Project Orbital is underway with it's purpose of development of a giant orbital station hovering over the #1 Planet of Alioth. This will be a wave of new constructions over every planet in the galaxy to hopefully better connect us together.


Orbital Station Current Specs (subject to change and evolve over time):


- defendable
- modular/expandable
- roomy
- able to accomadate high traffic volumes


List of Areas & Rooms:


- Large Main Cantina 

- Defense satellites on a static grids placed around the station

- Spaceport with many different sized hangars, landing pads, and Space port terminals which will accommodate up to 10,000 ships

- Commercial district including Org Meeting rooms, Market Stores and Ship stages, Storage Areas

- Residential Area - Including different size rooms for incoming travelers

- Arena for DICE gaming commission

- Casino / Resort for DICE gaming commission

- Asteroid Grappling docking arm (for resource collection and mining)

- More features coming soon!


Discuss more about this project by joining The Valkyrie Squadron: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/valkyrie-squadron


& Our Discord for more discussions & Developments: https://discord.gg/KYjs5m2

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