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  1. At Tranquility we build the Future, we reshape the city as we see fit and we build friendships The city houses residents, diplomats, shopping centrals, broadcasting networks, bars, casino's, crafting and large manufacturing facilities, repair and construct docks and much more. At this moment Tranquility is running a new program to help smaller organizations to grow, build their dreams and stay Fully Independent. All the organizations residing on Tranquility can be in this program, if they want to be in it. We help you grow, get organized, bring contacts, time zone staff, 24-7 security. Tranquility Security is backed by the FMA, several defense contracts and Non-Aggression-Pacs. Last month we saw the first addition of our Lore published by Outpost Zebra, Thank you for making this possible! We would love to share it and it can be found at: Tranquility Lore Published on Outpost Zebra Other news is the Founding of C.A.T.S and the bright future we will build together, becoming a resident does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S. Member. Becoming a C.A.T.S member is voluntary and not mandatory for Tranquility Residents and this way we do not interfere your other Organizations For those of you who are still looking for a nice place to live that does not interfere with your other Organizations Or alliances we still have room in Tranquility. Every individual that is member of the City Tranquility is a resident. All facilities are open for use for all residents, all Tranquility Docks and rooms are open for residents. A Resident will be offered a small room and a place to park a small cored ship. In the restoration period of Tranquility the materials for building this room and park-spot are the residents responsibility. In time Tranquility offers fully build rooms and parking spots for free. The opportunity to build your own room in space is there. For organizations that also want a district like the ones we already gave out feel free to contact us. Having a district or space-base docked to Tranquility does not automatically make you a C.A.T.S member. Tranquility is independent, neutral, unbiased and hoping to work together with you all to become the largest Social shaped Space bound City. For any questions contact Aaron Cain on discord
  2. TL/DR: we need some manner of minimum-voxel-budget for ships so that pvp players (and soon everyoneelse) stop flying around disjointed element-only bundles. The up-coming Athena patch will quite handily destroy the nano-M/L-core meta with the speed cap. Unfortunately it will also provide players even more encouragement than they already have to have no voxel at all on their ships in order to keep them as light as possible for speed-cap reasons. As such I would propose the introduction of a minimum voxel/decoration budget, where by an amount of voxel below a certain threshold (based on core size) does not increase a ship's weight, CCS, or cross-section, as this would encourage players to have an actual decorative hull on their ships without substantially altering the game's balance. Any thoughts?
  3. As a pilot, I would like an XL atmospheric engine that is an analogue to the XL space engine so that I can place fewer engines on a ship to achieve similar thrust and dedicate more design effort (and construct space) towards aesthetics and other meta.
  4. To keep it simple, the game as is can't be finely tuned enough to make mixed-size/design combat fleets reasonably viable, the combat system isn't complex enough. Every change to the existing numbers results in a lot of players sitting down, doing some math, putting some test shots down range to check their math, and then deploying fleets of copy-pasta ships built to the new mathematical definition of "best". They have no reason to deploy anything else because there is no counter to this best except more of itself. As this results in boring copy/paste fleets, this is an issue. To solve this I would suggest the inclusion of additional elements that are only permitted on one or two sizes of core, or elements that encourage people to build large/heavy to defend against (since avoiding conventional damage pushes people to build as small as possible) such as: -Bombs/Torpedoes: An exceptionally high damage short to mid range weapon with severely limited ammo, tracking, and firing cone that can only be fit to xs core constructs (perhaps also prevent it from being fired while docked to stop people from making docked-xs core turrets). -Targeting Computer: A device that substantially augments the effective range of weapons that can only be fitted to an s core construct, allowing it to better serve as a picket ship against xs bombers, and not be hopelessly out-ranged by m-core constructs. -Radar Booster: An element that augments the radar of the ship to which it is attached, such as by allowing it to spot targets at ranges longer than 2su, or having it display data on its target (shield hp, mass, ect...) -Shield Booster: A large element that recharges a target's shield (perhaps expending some manner of ammo/fuel in the process) and can only be fit to L cores. E-War: ---Radar Disruptor: A large weapon that has a chance to blind the target's radar for a short period (perhaps to all targets other than itself and other ships using disruptors) that. The chance to work is inversely proportionate to the target's mass. ---Tractor Beam: Applies a set amount of force to pull a target toward you or push it away from you. -Interstellar Drive? (can't hurt to ask): A large element that can only be fit to a large/XL core, and allows a craft to transport itself, its passengers, and docked ships between solar-systems. Uses a lot of fuel, ends up in a random location in the target system if it doesn't have some manner of beacon at its destination to lock on to. Rather obviously we don't need things to be these specific elements/ideas, just as long as whatever extra complexity we do get encourages diversity of fleet composition. Elements for larger ships should probably be quite large in size, or require large periphery items to help encourage people to not be flying the smallest thing they can fit a shield, guns, and engines to. Any thoughts/ideas?
  5. So, what do you all think of the idea of having a heat-management system? Not EVE's "periodically emergency over-clocking your elements until they melt" mechanic, but just actually having elements give off heat when used that then needs to be either dissipated via radiator, or stored in some manner of thermal-battery/capacitor? I'd figure it wouldn't be like power, where things probably just wont function if you can't power them, but perhaps the ship itself can start taking damage in some way if it cant adequately store or dissipate the heat and you keep generating more of it. Any thoughts?
  6. I took a moment to pull out the conclusion from the Energy Management Part 2. Conclusion: Currently the roles on a ship are: Pilot/FC - calls the targets Gunners - Open fire on the target Redshirts - guys who repair the ship With this approach to power management you'll create the new role of "The Scotties" who will have to handle the tasks of: Power management for the weapons Swapping batteries charging batteries making sure the generators don't blow checking the coolant systems Keeping the ship's power out of the redzone With this approach, noted in #7 the game takes on a more natural stance for power consumption and generation. Instead of setting hard numbers to limit players on how many weapons they can put on their ship or even what sizes they can place on their ships this will force players to make more informed decisions on how many to place based on how much energy the ship has and can maintain. This would lead to the ultimate end of borg cubes as some players would try to make min/maxed cubes not realizing that spooling up their own engines while trying to fire massive rail guns or lasers at a distance pushes the core into the redzone too much thus shutting down the ship and making it inoperable for combat. With this in mind, you can remove the core sized limitation of weapons for all sized weapons and cores. Because now an XS core can no longer support Large or too many medium weapons from an energy front! Needless to say the scottie would have a critical and equally important job on the ship. I feel like I'm just screaming into the void and even though NQ confirmed they read these, I know they have their plan of execution and development. In addition I did get hints that what I've already brought up was or at least parts of it are being implemented or thought about or something. I just wish I was able to speak to JC or the development managers and at least understand their mindset... get some kind of communication going here. There may be a handful of people who don't agree with me, but the majority are in the same boat of knowing this game's activity is in the red. We want this ship turned around and with how .23r went people are a little hesitant for the next one. "It's going to get worse before it gets better" is not the stance people wanna know NQ is taking right now. People wanna know that .23 was about as worse as it's ever going to get. Yes... 0.23 was awful lol numbers don't lie and there's no changing my mind on that
  7. Midgard is a private military organization that is aspiring to be self sufficient through our industry and design sectors while leading the system in innovative design while taking contracts from the highest bidders to fight against their competition. Want to be part of an organization that chooses its own path instead of falling in line with others? Look no further. We are currently recruiting all roles and are more than happy to help players in need when it comes to learning the game. Our discord server is available as well so hop in and see what we’re about! Some important details: -We are an English speaking organization and are operating out of NA, but anyone is welcomed to join regardless of timezone -We do have a soft cap on age, minimum being 18, but we can make exceptions so long as you can be mature. -We are now on Alioth and ready to shuttle new recruits out! Message me or join our discord to join! -Midgard will be looking to start receiving contracts from other organizations in the next week or two after we have built up our fleet appropriately to provide security or attacks for our clients. https://discord.gg/hxKW7PA
  8. I'm collecting community created Dual Universe content (public In-game Designs, Text, Video, Audio and other media) mostly for my own amusement. If you are interested, you are welcome to join the Discord and discuss/contribute. There will certainly be a lot more stuff once the NDA ends, and I'm trying to stay in the loop. It's mostly lists & links so far, but I'd be happy to have an actual exchange of ideas, if there's any interest. https://discord.gg/3ysbhFY
  9. EXCALIBUR Mission Statement Excalibur is a hard-core organization focused the creation and marketing of high performance weapons, vehicles and space crafts. We aim to create the most advance, elastically pleasing and versatile constructions for every situation. These will be sold as patterns on to private entities or on the free market. The profits will be used to pay for in-game subscription. Structure The organization is divided into three main departments; Programming and Integration, Design and Construction and finally Research and Development. When entering you will need to choose one of the departments to join. Depending on the department head, you might need to complete a practical test to be granted entry into a department. If you distinguish yourself you might be offered the opportunity to become an Administrator or a Director. To become the head of a department you will need to be voted in or appointed. Heads of departments distribute earnings as well set objectives/tasks for their departments. For more information see the below: Programming and Integration This branch focuses on creating scripts and smart systems. We set ourselves apart by not only creating powerful and elegant designs, but by also integrating awesome functionality into it, giving our products an edge in combat. Entry requirements for this branch involves a small programming test in the language of your choice. Design and Construction For those that love to build beautiful creations this department is for you. You will define the look, feel, practicality and durability of all our products. Your work will tell the universe who Excalibur is. Are you ready to bare open your mind and heart into your designs? Are you ready for the fame of having your product sold across the universe? [No entry requirements yet] Research and Development Your role will be to test, develop and come up with new and crazy ideas. Ultimately the success of Excalibur will be places in you outsmarting everyone else. This branch is definitely not for everyone - only the smartest, most original, inventive somewhat bonkers will join research and development. You will be expected to perform, coming with new and interesting ideas for given problems - and have fun blowing things up along the way. [No entry requirements yet] Requirements Due to the hard-code nature of this organization there will be a few requirements ~ Must be 17+ ~ ~ Must Invest at least 2 hours a week into organization activities ~ ~ Must be willing to work towards an assigned goal. These differ from department to department ~ Click to join our discord below: DISCORD
  10. Dear NQ, I would like to request you to publicize some values which would help calculate how many engines and how much fuel is necessary on a design. At max thrust, Force in kn each engine can exert Fuel consumption for each engine (l/s) Gravity in m/s^2 for a couple of planets Thank you! P.S.: this could not harm the game's reputation in any way, as it is just numbers that would be made public. It would not enable anyone to make a verdict on the game, as it says nothing of the quality of anything. The most it could do is impress ppl by the fact that those values actually exist, showing (or at least hinting) that this is a game based off of realistic physics.
  11. Hi everyone! One thing I noticed in a lot of NQ's videos is that the physics applied to a dynamic construct are by far not as realistic as they claim. You can put all of your engines on one side and still not experience any turn unless you add adjusters. This is because the position of the engines relative to the rest of the construct is not included in the calculations, which are literally just a sum of all forces acting upon an object to equal one force, which equal one force vector, which in turn determines the total directional vvelocity.however, I can still understand that Novaquark don't want all of their players to have to do their own math to make constructs. However, I find it highly likely that most ships will end up being either shapeless gray cubes or jumbles of necessary elements pieced together with as little voxel as possible, since at the moment it has no functionality apart from protection, which is only applicable to some ships. So, I would like to suggest some functionalities which could be given to voxel mass: 1. Aerodynamics. This would also enormously improve the way efficient designs look, and make math pay off for those who are willing and able to apply it (by means of calculating if it's worth it to add more voxel (and weight) to increase aerodynamic efficiency) while not making it necessary. I know that there is a feature for air resistance already included in the game, but I assume they only have the program "look at the ship from the front" and calculate the area which will be causing air friction. 2. As a Heat Shield. Again, a feature which could a) improve the look of efficient designs and b) get players to think while building ships. Different materials could be more or less vulnerable to heat caused by friction upon reentry, again causing a trade off in between weight and protection from heat. To be fair, this feature may already, unbeknownst to me, already exist in game. 3. Lift. To start this off, I do not expect this feature ever to be added to this game, but would it not be cool if different voxel shapes actually displaced air and the object experienced the "equal, opposite reaction", thereby in some cases generating lift. This is just taking it one step further from aerodynamics, but it is a large step, and aerodynamics alone would already require serious work. I'm sure you all can come up with other great ideas about how else voxel mass could be useful, and about how else physics might be improved to make the user experience in DU be as realistic and amazing as possible. Also, a lot of you will start to defend the game, which is fine, but please know that this is not intended as a complaint that the features I mentioned do not exist, but as a suggestion how to improve the game even beyond what is being aimed for at the time being. Also, I am aware that some things I mentioned would be difficult to achieve without causing server lag. Please do not write a paragraph purely about how server lag would make if all impossible. Thank you! I look forward to reading your comments!
  12. It sounds like the developers are getting close to the final versions of some elements. When they are done, I hope they tell us the length, width and height of each one. That information would be helpful when designing constructs that use them.
  13. So I was thinking about the fine print of designing and selling blueprints. I did search for this but didn’t come up with anything so if I’m rehashing a past topic I apologize. Maybe I used the wrong terms when searching. I have come to think of DU as a Ready Player One of sorts. Be who you want to be. Build what you want to build. Fly around in the Serenity and park it in your personal Battlestar. Now that being said, people are going to build X-wings, Normandys, Sulacos and Gunstars. That can’t be stopped. BUT... Part of the idea of the game is to build and SELL blueprints to make a galactic living. The price of things in game can go back to being able to exchange for DACs which have a real world cost. That being said, what’s the legality of someone selling in game assists that are based on an existing IP being that in game items can eventually be traced back to real world costs? It’ll cost you 5 DACs for a blueprint of an Enterprise with a shuttle craft. Anywho.. those are my current thoughts. Peace, love and “For Science”!
  14. What kind of vehicles will you build? I want to see if anyone has began sketching out blueprints for the ships they plan on creating. I know we've only been given a little bit of info on ship building but I've already began sketching out some initial ship blueprints myself (I'll post those soon ) What kind of ships do you plan on making given the info we have? Post pics if you have any!
  15. Hi all, Since there is now a city building event involving many unaffiliated players, I think it’s a perfect time to have this discussion. Players are going to have all sorts of different structures and ships. At the same time, trade will be a vitally important component of the game, which will, in many ways, depend on infrastructure. Not only does that mean roads for hover vessels, but even landing pads and docking/loading stations for flying vehicles at market units and spaceports. In order to optimally facilitate trade between players, I think it would be very beneficial for a set of standards to be agreed upon between many of the organizations in DU. For example, we might say that road lanes should be x meters wide. Small landing pads should be x by y meters, medium landing pads should be x+5 by y+5 meters, etc. This would make it easier for players and orgs to design ships that can be more widely used across the universe. It would also help city planners and builders have a set of values to build around, and help organizations optimize access to their market units. Obviously this would be impossible to enforce; that being said, I think it would be in the best interest of any organization to establish and follow such standards. It will take time to discuss, but I figured I might as well get the conversation going. Thoughts?
  16. So in my short introduction I wrote something about an art-gallery and so here it is! I´ll post all artworks and illustrations here, so I hope you will like it! My first DU Wallpapers
  17. So, I've been wondering what type of look or style do player organizations plan to use to represent their empires, or player groups. From ships, to stations, to buildings and structures. A unified look of a organization and/or Empire could be important to stand out in the crowd. I think it would be cool if player's established a unique design style for themselves, that becomes iconic in the game. for example, The Forerunners from Halo had a ethereal style with a juxtaposition of polygonal shapes and strange glowing features. The Empire from the original Starwars, had simple but pronounced geometric shapes like Triangles, Sphere's, and hexagons. With basic neutral colors like Black, White, and gray's. The Ancient Roman's structures where driven by Dome's, usually supported by Pillars, and Arch's, and incorporated many religious motif's. What kind of design style will you're empire, or player group be known for? How will you stand out in that regard? Or if you're a builder/designer, what type of designs do you plan to make?
  18. English All 78 Objective Driveyards is a corporate-state established in the evolving world of Dual Universe. We aim to design ships that combine elegance and efficiency with a readiness for the cold-blooded nature of interstellar warfare. We will bring an array of premier spacecraft to the marketplace: battle-tested by our navy and refined by an organized team of engineers and designers. The Corporation relies on teamwork and structure to succeed, and thus operates as a meritocracy. The corporation is led by the CEO and a Council of three directors. Corporate assets are divided into three main branches; each responsible for a major aspect of Corporate operations and manned by specialists with appropriate skills. Each branch is independent to a degree but ultimately answer to the Council. CEO - Code24 Objective Dynamics Leader: Head Technocrat, Croomar The scientific branch of the Corporation, lead by a head Technocrat. This branch develops tech, designs blueprints, programs systems, conducts exploration, and tech mining. Blueprints can be designed on contract to be sold to other factions, or strictly for corporate use. Researcher - Develops new designs and blueprints to be tested and refined. Explorer - Lone wolf pilots looking to explore under a Corporate Charter. Programmer - Specialist skilled in scripting advanced systems with LUA Objective Industries Leader: Director of Industry, BliitzTheFox The circulatory and digestive system of the Corporation, controlled by a Director who is part of the Corporate Council. This branch is responsible for mining and refining raw materials, manufacturing components and equipment, and ultimately constructing ships. While the Navy controls most of the Corporate fleet, Indi Ops controls most of the Corporate shipyards. Ships and equipment produced by this branch are first researched and designed by the R&D branch. Indi Ops can also manufacture hulls and equipment to be sold on contract to other factions. Miner - Raw resource extraction. Technician - Refining and manufacturing. Engineer - Industrial construction/development. Shipwright - Shipyard operation, starship construction. Marketer - Promotes and sells products, conducts market research Objective Navy Leader: Stategos, Sgt.Toothpaste As the military branch, the Navy is responsible for protecting Corporate interests from external threats. The Navy is lead by the Strategos, one of the members of the Corporate Council and the highest ranking officer within the fleet. The Navy controls the majority of the Corporate Fleet and draws from Corporate personnel with skills particular to any and all aspects of combat. These roles can include: Pilot - Pilot specializing in either strike craft or larger warships. Commander - Officer in command of a large, crewed warship. Crew - Entry level warship crew, manning the critical stations on larger vessels. Security - Infantry unit skilled in ground combat. Combat Engineer - Field engineer skilled in building/repairing constructs in combat situations. Recon - *Redacted* Objective Driveyards is seeking the top talent in Dual Universe to make our team stronger. Play DU in small, focused teams that are agile, efficient and focused on excellence. Cement your role in the future of ODY, and submit an application on our website today. If you are interested in one or more of the roles described above, but still have questions, contact one of the Corporate Council members. Required: Means of Voice Communication Application on both website and community portal Complete a short interview with a recruiter Age: 16 + Follow us: Learn More
  19. ​Dual Universe Design Hub - Share your ideas Share here: https://discord.gg/gvHBysg ​Welcome to the Dual Universe Design Hub. This is a place that welcomes all players, and is for designers to gather feedback from the community. Everyone's feedback makes a great piece of art. This is a discord chatroom for contests, ideas, new designs, etc. It's time to share your amazing ideas to everyone! Contests could include organization design fights where an organization would assign a rep. to design their ship. This is 100% community based and anyone is allowed to join and help. ​Share your designs or enter contests in the chat. ​Designer Levels: ​- Designer - A regular designer that is new. He/she has not won any contests. ​- Designer + - A designer that shows high quality designs. This designer has either won a contest or is showing advanced design functions. ​- Advanced Designer - A designer that shows experience in his/her designs. The designs go above standards and shows eye-catching visual display. ​
  20. In order to make the game more interesting, I think that major components should consist of subcomponents. For example, one of the basic components now would be a power component. Presumably at higher tech and fabrication skill levels, a power component would produce higher output, be smaller and more durable than older designs. I think it would be more fun if a powerplant consisted of subcomponents which could be researched and designed independently and could be assembled into a resellable product. Say you want to make fusion plants. A fusion plant would have a combustion chamber, a magnetic containment bottle, a laser array, a fuel injector and depending on whether it is meant to produce electricity or be used to power a fusion rocket, it would have a dynamo or a thruster. Each of these components could have its own independent properties, methods, interfaces and tech/skill tree, which could make the job building, maintaining and repairing damage to fusion plants an interesting and challenging role for a player to specialize in.
  21. In order to make the game more interesting, I think that major components should consist of subcomponents. For example, one of the basic components now would be a power component. Presumably at higher tech and fabrication skill levels, a power component would produce higher output, be smaller and more durable than older designs. I think it would be more fun if a powerplant consisted of subcomponents which could be researched and designed independently and could be assembled into a resellable product. Say you want to make fusion plants. A fusion plant would have a combustion chamber, a magnetic containment bottle, a laser array, a fuel injector and depending on whether it is meant to produce electricity or be used to power a fusion rocket, it would have a dynamo or a thruster. Each of these components could have its own independent properties, methods, interfaces and tech/skill tree, which could make the job building, maintaining and repairing damage to fusion plants an interesting and challenging role for a player to specialize in.
  22. Hello Community, i hope you understand what i mean with this Thread/Topic. Show your imagine. I love to see all your pictures in the Signature and maybe you have prepared your imagination of your future Spaceship, your future Base or same, yet. I will be show my own Concept-Arts in a own post. Have a nice day, dudes! Bye SpacemonkeyCongh
  23. In real life cities are built for a number of reasons (duh!): access to workplaces (income), shops (food, clothes, goods etc.), communication (internet), infrastructure (energy, water, waste disposing, public transportation), healthcare, leisure, etc. These fundamental factors which contribute to urbanization IRL won't be pretty much present in DU. People will be spread around different organizations, cartels, syndicates, corporations, etc., maintaining their own infrastructure, energy grid, factories, landing/docking/building sites, defense systems, etc. So I guess we won't be seeing large cities in DU, unless some very dedicated urbanists will be willing to design them just for the sake of design itself. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel discouraged from playing DU in any aspect whatsoever, however I just realized the things I've written above and it kinda made me a little upset, that's all. Or maybe I'm just plain wrong?
  24. Painting / Texture Tools The Ability To allow players to custom paint Suits,ships,homes, tools,weapons etc. as an artist myself I thrive in an environment where I can utilize tools and objects that can function in extremely creative ways. As I believe anyone would agree that having creative customization options for most things would be ideal and become a truly immersive experience as you can be Different from every other player. But how would all that work. Well as shown certain materials have their own color and texture attributions which is great. Will we be able to Add to these materials that we build with ? ∙Creating Paint from resources that we gather (Materials,plants etc.) ∙Crafting painting / texturing tools ∙Applying texture to certain objects Will we be able to craft paint from things we gather instead of instantly changing the objects colors on a whim. For me this would be a great feature to actually have to put in the work to have the ability to customize. I am sure there would be a paint shop selling the products you need for your projects in no time. Either way this would fill my heart with joy.
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