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  1. As a pilot, I would like an XL atmospheric engine that is an analogue to the XL space engine so that I can place fewer engines on a ship to achieve similar thrust and dedicate more design effort (and construct space) towards aesthetics and other meta.
  2. I'd like to propose the following quality of life changes to the market interface. I think that implementing some or all of these will increase market utilization. 1) Hover over an item or stack in my inventory to see a market valuation of the stack. 2) Right click an item in my inventory, and have a context menu item "View market details" that will instantly open the market interface to that item. 3) While using a market terminal, right click items to instant sell them from a linked container. 4) While using a market terminal, freely change between my linked container and nano pack. 5) Active order matching when non-instant buy and sell orders are price matched at the same physical market.
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