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  1. Great Idea! I can already think of at least three good uses for this. As for the lower quality output, i would disagree, seeing as this is a sci fi setting and technology has probably advanced further... but you could have the screen only refresh every second or so
  2. Until it crashes into a nearby star... yay
  3. I love it! I would skip all of the geysers etc, as the comet would be dangerous enough as it is with everyone battling over it. Maybe, once they add reentry heat, they could apply this affect to everything in the tail or on the comet itself as it approaches the sun. Also, it would be fascinating how long one org, the first to discover it, manages to cover up the fact that a comet has spawned....
  4. It doesn't have to be a year(in fact, that's pretty irrational) but after like 5 years of subscription, a player has done their share in supporting the game, and it should be free. And, Your apartment requires maintenance and can only have one group of occupants at a time. In comparison, DU doesn't have its ability to be sold to others decreased with every user. In fact, quite the opposite. And, although you might not think so, your internet DOES. Plus, in our society internet and living are more or less essential, while playing dual universe certainly isn't.
  5. What if, instead, it temporarily boosted one ability, but made you dependent on it as in , for example, giving you temporary(say, 2 weeks?) massive debuffs if you don't take your next dose. It would also slowly permanently degrade all of your other abilities, slowly but steadily. This way, orgs try and prevent their citizens from taking the drugs, because they prevent the players from being useful to the org in ways other than that one, and are also very expensive. It would be good if all of the degrading of abilities is permanent, so as to discourage taking them in the first place, so that nq feels they are teaching a moral lesson, and also nobody feels they are encouraging the use of drugs, and sues them.
  6. Dear NQ, I would like to request you to publicize some values which would help calculate how many engines and how much fuel is necessary on a design. At max thrust, Force in kn each engine can exert Fuel consumption for each engine (l/s) Gravity in m/s^2 for a couple of planets Thank you! P.S.: this could not harm the game's reputation in any way, as it is just numbers that would be made public. It would not enable anyone to make a verdict on the game, as it says nothing of the quality of anything. The most it could do is impress ppl by the fact that those values actually exist, showing (or at least hinting) that this is a game based off of realistic physics.
  7. __aes__


    Please, please, PLEASE!!! THIS WOULD BE GREAT There could be electromagnet elements which simply generate a magnetic field, capable of exerting a force upon objects of specific materials...or maybe just on other electromagnets. Think of the possibilities!
  8. Since I can't make it load enough to read anything except "Terran Union", would you mind explaining the map a bit (how it works, what causes a particular org to be placed where, what criteria determines if a red line connects two points, and what all the brown dots are(I'm assuming they're small orgs affiliated with bigger ones))
  9. Thanks for the reply! I Nearly completely agree on most topics addressed. I would, however, like to clarify what I meant when talking about the mass of a DC. Currently, when trying to build an efficient DC, the only objective is to minimize mass not contributing to propulsion. What type of material is used was not really my point, but how much of a material is used to create a more aerodynamic shape. My one reference to the type of material used was that some materials could be more resistant to heat, making it a thought through decision what material to use on your DC, instead of mindlessly checking the densities on the different materials offered.
  10. Hi everyone! One thing I noticed in a lot of NQ's videos is that the physics applied to a dynamic construct are by far not as realistic as they claim. You can put all of your engines on one side and still not experience any turn unless you add adjusters. This is because the position of the engines relative to the rest of the construct is not included in the calculations, which are literally just a sum of all forces acting upon an object to equal one force, which equal one force vector, which in turn determines the total directional vvelocity.however, I can still understand that Novaquark don't want all of their players to have to do their own math to make constructs. However, I find it highly likely that most ships will end up being either shapeless gray cubes or jumbles of necessary elements pieced together with as little voxel as possible, since at the moment it has no functionality apart from protection, which is only applicable to some ships. So, I would like to suggest some functionalities which could be given to voxel mass: 1. Aerodynamics. This would also enormously improve the way efficient designs look, and make math pay off for those who are willing and able to apply it (by means of calculating if it's worth it to add more voxel (and weight) to increase aerodynamic efficiency) while not making it necessary. I know that there is a feature for air resistance already included in the game, but I assume they only have the program "look at the ship from the front" and calculate the area which will be causing air friction. 2. As a Heat Shield. Again, a feature which could a) improve the look of efficient designs and b) get players to think while building ships. Different materials could be more or less vulnerable to heat caused by friction upon reentry, again causing a trade off in between weight and protection from heat. To be fair, this feature may already, unbeknownst to me, already exist in game. 3. Lift. To start this off, I do not expect this feature ever to be added to this game, but would it not be cool if different voxel shapes actually displaced air and the object experienced the "equal, opposite reaction", thereby in some cases generating lift. This is just taking it one step further from aerodynamics, but it is a large step, and aerodynamics alone would already require serious work. I'm sure you all can come up with other great ideas about how else voxel mass could be useful, and about how else physics might be improved to make the user experience in DU be as realistic and amazing as possible. Also, a lot of you will start to defend the game, which is fine, but please know that this is not intended as a complaint that the features I mentioned do not exist, but as a suggestion how to improve the game even beyond what is being aimed for at the time being. Also, I am aware that some things I mentioned would be difficult to achieve without causing server lag. Please do not write a paragraph purely about how server lag would make if all impossible. Thank you! I look forward to reading your comments!
  11. I have an original Idea for a Ship that relies heavily on the ability to jettison parts ... does anyone know if a feature like this is confirmed, rejected, or if it's even possible?
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