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  1. Pretty sure I tracked down the person. They were using a somewhat different name from another account and pretty sure they’re operating for Band of Outlaws
  2. It’s a hard lesson learned. If support helps us get our stuff back, awesome. If not, we just have to build back. Small organization so was allowing access to help new people get on their feet and pool everything together. Bad idea and locking everything down. Put the warning out on reddit too but some people seem to forget not everyone has played Eve and to those veteran players, rookie mistake but some of us are new to this type of thing.
  3. My organization, Midgard, welcomed a member named Elizaveta last night on 9/19/20. After logging in today, we noticed they left the organization and half of our factory and all valuable ship parts are missing along with some of our ships being at Discrict 6. We suspect they took these and sold them on the market. Worst case scenario, it's a really, really annoying and hard lesson learned but I placed a ticket with support in hopes that maybe something can be done. There's pirating in space and then... there's just this. Keep an eye out, folks.
  4. Wasn’t there a YouTube channel that covered in game events and organization news during Alpha? What happened to them? Don’t remember the channel name.
  5. What is your contact name on discord? We don’t have many players operating out of NA time zones but I’m hoping to get an English speaking EU group up and running so we have around the clock presence.
  6. We’ve built quite a few different ships and pumping out industry like crazy. Will be in the works for the next week of designing more ships and will then be taking contracts as a private military. Don’t miss out and join!
  7. Greetings! I think you’d be a great fit for Midgard [MDGD]. We’re a private military organization that’s close to being able to provide hauler escorts for organizations needing some muscle. We’re located on Alioth and actually in need of more miners and builders. We have an amazing and dedicated industry leader that could definitely use more help. I’ll be needing help shortly with building an designing a destroyer sized ship as well! Check out or discord, say hello, and see if Midgard is right for you! discord: https://discord.gg/hxKW7PA
  8. We’ve now established ourselves on Alioth!
  9. Update; freighter has been completed and territory unit made. We’re packing everything up and moving to Alioth this weekend!
  10. So a thought I had while I'm designing a freighter ship in hopes of my organization being able to use it along with us selling it to help the organization coffers, can I propose a trademark system for DU? Maybe an advanced feature that keeps people from taking the original blueprint and adjusting it to sell for their own profit? I know it sounds slightly greedy, but like any corporation/organization in the real world, they protect their products from these things.
  11. I’m currently building a freighter on sanctuary moon and once it’s built, we’re packing up our industry and moving to Alioth, being easy for newcomers to meet us. Once we’re established on Alioth, we’ll be more than happy to pick up recruits and shuttle them to our base.
  12. As a mercenary/private military, we’re there to either hit our employer’s competition where it hurts or to safeguard our employer through escort, aid, or simple patrol as for the other questions, I’ll update the post and I appreciate the thought!
  13. Midgard is a private military organization that is aspiring to be self sufficient through our industry and design sectors while leading the system in innovative design while taking contracts from the highest bidders to fight against their competition. Want to be part of an organization that chooses its own path instead of falling in line with others? Look no further. We are currently recruiting all roles and are more than happy to help players in need when it comes to learning the game. Our discord server is available as well so hop in and see what we’re about! Some importan
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