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  1. A hopefully useful feedback. About the questions like the last one, first It's much appreciated that you start taking this kind of open questions. But I feel this question has been answered in a "vague" way. What do I mean like that is I think those questions are particularly pertinent to talk about your vision of the game more in details. Indeed you talked about how the team was clear on what you want to achieve, and it is mentioned that it is to become a major tool for "events, missions, workplace, stories, whatever...". And that's where I'm a bit saddened, don't get me wrong, as I do think personally that the LUA part of the game is doing rather great by design and by comparing it to other gameplays. LUA is my main activity myself. Because that's the kind of things I really don't like hearing, If I had to rephrase it how I understood it, it would be "We do put great hopes innit, and we're agreeing that it's going to do great things, but we don't really know what". And I'm not saying that's the case, I'm saying that's what you're communicating to us. And of course, I make it sound bigger than it is, I'm myself also french and I do also say much whatever even when not needed. My point is that is one of the root of the problem of the communication. First you need to remember that we have absolutely no roadmap, so we have no idea of the exact projection of where we're going. And then when you do communicate about it's very late and still vague. I do think you could have limited much more the uproars of problematic updates by communicating early, explaining your vision in depth of why you're doing the things this way. So please, bring a maximum value to ask aphelia on that matter, as I do believe it's the most efficient way to communicate this kind of actual development state. Be specific about where you're going, explain why you're doing that. Because the problem of staying vague is that even if you answered the question logically, nothing is actually cleared and by doing it regularly you just end up losing people trust, like politics. To go even further, be more proactive about those, no way anyone had asked a question about schematics when no one imagined that update. So maybe add a new slot within ask aphelia like "the weekly developer word" or whatever where you could anticipate and take that time to explain your view on the game, where you're actually going, and what awaits us.
  2. Seconding Jake, we only need tools to allow efficient communication of the events the player are doing. The discord channel is not enough on the long run.
  3. Promises that isn't bound to anything but the honor of the one who pronounce it...
  4. Interesting thread to go through. My short answer : Wipe all but talent if you want, but if you want it to be effective, you actually need to make the game fun. But for the wipe aspect, I'm quite entertained to read some people reactions, many people criticize how the pro and cons are presented in an unbalanced way, but put seriously shabby arguments as comparing how other games handle wipes nor what JC said. As for the comparisons I don't want to even talk about it as it is not relevant. But for what JC said, I'd just say you're delusional guys. It's actually a good thing that I didn't heard anything about him when I started playing the game, otherwise I would probably have ran away 🤣. Like it would be the ONLY guy in the industry throwing great promises to anyone wanting to hear him without any backing, especially when it comes to space games... For those whining about how we're going to delete their precious belongings and progress, and that's a steal. I'd like you to start your brain for a second and think about it. EVERY software you ever bought never belonged to you, you pay for a license that allows you to use it within specified terms and that's it. Think about your nice steam account, that could be closed anytime without any notice and you would have nothing to say about it ? (don't argue about NFTs it's the exact same, you just don't get it) When you launched DU you agreed that you don't own shit, and this is more binding that any kind of stuff JC said. It's just a game like any other. For those whining about how much the game did cost to them. I'd like to know who did pull out a gun on you forcing you to get a multitude of alt accounts ? You'd want pity from others because you're Pay2winning the game, you won't get mine at least. Your x alts doesn't bring anything to the gameplay, go play Space Engineers and post some nice screenshots over some discord to show what you've achieved by yourself solo, the experience will be all the same. But if you want the wipe to be effective, you would need to have a game out of this. And right now not much will change, I'll quickly recap as I think it has been said many times : PvP gameplay is playing a point and click Mining gameplay is a grinding browser game, dead in 2005 already. In-Game social interaction tools are non-existing, so that the game sounds more like Discord Universe than anything No element decay/destruction dooms any sort of economy/industry that could exists. The buying bots/static missions, needs to disappear, you can't have an healthy economy by constantly injecting monstrous loads of cash in a daily basis from nowhere. The money should come from Added Value from player interaction. But we all know the reality of this, there's no money anymore, (I'm talking about actual investor money, not the few pence the community paid overall). And as any software company, comes the time where you actually need to start making the money, and it seems that time has came too early on for DU. Wipe will be necessary anyway as all the exploits and significant change of gameplay that happened since the last wipe. But I think it is fair to keep Talents, they do reward people that have been playing so far, while requiring actual gameplay from those to benefit from it.
  5. FTUE is of course an critical matter, but to provide a good First Time User Experience you shall be able to provide a good User Experience. The game at this stage is a nice looking cheap minecraft-like mmo. And yes you can make nice looking buildings, compounds and cities, some cool looking ship eventually, but not too big ! Otherwise you have to make some wizardry. But then what ? The economy is non-existent, missions and ore paid by bots. A PVP that have the level of interaction of a browser game. Crafting more about not getting headaches about your hundred links than any kind of skill. Mining about having a life empty enough to enjoy the repetitive process of a cheap clicker game. Absence of any kind of social interaction directly in game, didn't planned to play to Discord Universe when I joined (Starting by for example, In game mails ???) Wiping or not is clearly not the issue here, this game ain't fun, being able to build something using voxels doesn't make your game a Sandbox, even less a "Metaverse" as the current CEO qualifies this game. Start by implementing basic core MMO features, even if it's nice to come up with new and fresh ideas, MMO are a thing for over 25 years now, and it seems that some designers must have missed that part. I played (and paid) a year of the game, only too see the game getting constantly worse unfortunately, to my disappointment. If it had been officially released I would have gone away much earlier though.
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