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  1. That was my writing but foremost about volume: 64m3 to 4000 liters gave that exact 16:1 number. Mass reduction is not directly mentioned. They said they reduce volume and weight. Also they mention that mass carries over in crafting and in future we can transport ore in atmosphere. I checked few elements like small space engine. It weights one ton and uses about 20 tons of ore. I only looked few other examples and they all pointed to similar 1:10 or 1:20 reduction in ore mass from ore to element in r0.14. Assuming element weights don't change and they use same amount of ore in r0.15 too, this pointo to at least 1:10 reduction in ore weight. My larger freighter can lift away from planet without AG about 200 tons from Alioth, 400t from other atmo planets and 1000 tons from airless. Asuming 1:10 weight reduction in r0.15 that 200 tons would estimate to one or two deposits refined to pure, depending on density. Hover freighters were already easy and effective, so they are not a reason to change ore weights.
  2. This is NOT the situation the blog describes. Now i am nasty: this is why the cheat works. We don't anticipate it. We trust the UI and don't even realize we got scammed. This is a common cheat in some other MMOs.
  3. I suspect there is a flaw in barter UI. Of course I have not yet used it, but I have seen same flaw being abused elsewhere. Looks like the UI allows common cheat where the other use can quickly change their offer. Other user places e.g. 5000000 ducks as their offer. I place my stuff. They click confirm, wait one second, take a zero away and reconfirm. On my side I see their first confirmation and click my own. Because i have to momentarily concentrate to my own UI, there is a good chance I don't notice their change and second verification until too late. The flaw in the UI is that I can't freeze their offer for review before acceptance. A simple fix would be that I could do it with "Looks good" button. My accept button stays disabled until I clicked the "Looks good". Any change from other side before I manage click the acceptance would disable accept and resets "Looks good". I need to re-verify their new offer. And if their change comes after my acceptance it would reset it (as described in the blog). This two-stage acceptance should be rather simple change in client UI only. It does not need any change in the server protocol.
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