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  1. A full wipe is preferred option for me, and i don't need any veteran player "compensation".
  2. Thank you. A small correction, the chat limit looks like to be actually 150 lines. You just might consider first to raise that default a tad higher, like to 1000? You know, Deckard can fill it inna minute.
  3. Is there any setting? Because the Lua channel has about 200 lines, which is laughable low. It can capture like a fraction of second now.
  4. Thank you. I suggest you add a configuration or registry setting like maxChatChannelSize and default it to a reasonable value. Then i can override it to much larger value.
  5. You are going to hurt script development. Logging is essential. I understand your concern about using logs in real-time, but limit it to that. Preventing logging completely is not your option. - Linking screens is not easy for non-developers. You are hurting our ability to support others. You should also understand that usually accessing logs happen post-mortem - after something strange happened. Setting up screens is then too late. Links are also very scarce resource. - You can lock logfiles exclusively with deny-read. This prevents other processes reading logs in real-time but they will be available after game is closed. This is one-liner fix and safe. - Implementing copy to clipboard from Lua chat is easy and safe. But if this is only option, the stored log must be longer than now. This is the end of discussion from my part. If you decide to cripple script development, i'll just move on elsewhere.
  6. Other player ids aren't really a GDPR problem here. In this case every player has a valid purpose to use them, as long as the usage is directly connected to the game and not distributed further.
  7. And how do you arrange supporting other players without logging? Hint: linking to e.g. screens is one major support issue. Now i should ask them to link a screen to capture logging to resolve screen issue?
  8. @NQ-Ligo Implementing a copy to clipboard from chat tab is easy for NQ. What prevents that? Also links a very scarce resource. Add a way to dynamically link from Lua to an element, and then using screen might be viable, but still bad.
  9. I have extensive debug log in my flight script and removal of logging would really hurt. There must be an alternative to extract a debug log. What i have now is that debug logging writes to system log lines with special characters to frame the lines and then a powershell script extracts the lines and imports into VSCode. Suggestion: the Lua log chat tab should allow to copy it to clipboard. It should contain full log of a session - not truncate it as now. The log may grow to megabytes.
  10. I'm playing solo casually and spend most of time in scripting. I use quanta only for schematics. Looks like i need half dozen hexes per planet and five planets should cover all ores. So, 25-30 hexes, which is 25-30 millions per week. That will kill my game in few weeks. I would expect a tax of 10000 per hex to be sustainable when collecting daily income during weekends with few alts.
  11. I'd prefer deleting all old scans. We have already earned the benefits once, and i'll be digging away my meganodes before update.
  12. There will be a lot of redoing of landscaping. NQ, could you improve the flattening tool? Make it fill when ground drops below and there is soil in inventory. Currently only way to fill is by shooting soil balls. It's tedious and very easily leaves gaps which cause a lot of rendering issues and unnecessarily fill your databases. Bigger radius and height with max talents. Slopes. Alternatively, give me Deckard's "box cutter". Limiting it to own static construct's should avoid abuse.
  13. Just make a solar system for pvp peasants and another with no pvp. This safe/non-safe division in one system is silly.
  14. This thread is apples to oranges comparison. You want our carebear ships to have as many L containers as possible.
  15. I am OK with reseed. I'll lose a pile of meganodes but if new opportunities open it's fine. I would add a lot more ores beyond territory scanner's range. Then some meganodes appear in scans while some require lotsa digging and pure luck to be found.
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