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  1. Holding mouse button was terrible in mining and it got fixed. Repairing needs same fix.
  2. I'm through several alpha wipes and my opinion is "who cares"? Wipes are a minor issue. I get back to poor noob state, squee, fun! I can build the gigafactory again and I have new ideas for it! Don't get too stuck to your assets or status. The journey is the fun.
  3. Currently you can't get the destination coordinates in Lua scripts. There is no API call for it. It's one of the most requested features. I suggest you send a ticket to support about it. Assuming we get it one day, then calculations are straight-forward. Everything in DU are in 3d world coordinates and the unit is meter. If you subtract your ship's world position from target, the result is vector pointing from ship to target and its length is the distance in meters. Go into your game directory, game\data\lua and look around. There is e.g. cpml\vec3.lua for 3d vector calculations and very useful. local target = vec3(1,2,3) local ship = vec3(4,5,6) local toTarget = target - ship local distance = toTarget:len() Your velocity is also a vector. If you are flying towards the target, then its length is your speed in m/s. If not, you need some math but vec3 has e.g. projections to do it. There are actually two coordinate systems in use when sharing locations: world and planetary coordinates. World coordinates are the basis. Planetary coordinates are local polar lat/lon coordinates. Each planet is actually a huge sphere construct placed in fixed position in world coordinates. World z axis is their North pole and x is Greenwich line. If you browse DU Discord's Lua channel, you should quite soon find sources to convert planetary lat/lon coordinates to world coordinates.
  4. You probably have links mixed up. Go to build mode, links tool. Point each link and check the tooltips. Looks like slot "core" is not really going to actual core. When you find a wrong link name in tooltip, open the Lua editor and write the correct name to slot on left column. And check all links. If you have one wrong there is probably another that got swapped with the First. I mean if a telemeter is named as core, the probably core is named as telemeter.
  5. I copied my old scripts here: https://github.com/Helediron/dualuniverse
  6. I dropped my old scripts from alpha into a repository: https://github.com/Helediron/dualuniverse No license nor usage restrictions.
  7. I'll repost my scripts from alpha soon, including the antigravity touchscreen controller. Sorry for the delay. I will notify you when done.
  8. Was that his castle site? Then it's practically Lore.
  9. Thades has now thick atmosphere, as easy to land as any other planet.
  10. I have a bugfix for it, and the code is below. Note that this works together with other code which automatically manage ground engines, e.g. set them to max altitude before landing. This code does not work alone. But I think you can test it by pressing Alt+Space/C The idea is to get distance to ground, ground engine max altitude, and keep vertical atmos off until ship is over 90% of the max. There is small hesitation at max while verticals warm up. The code is in system.flush, and the patch code goes around the part where vertical engines are handled. IIRC the first and last comment are from default script, aiding to find the location. I hope they match current default script. The code is clipped from flight script but had to edit heavily to get the gist of it.
  11. It works because it's coded so. You can look it yourself. Go to game install directory, game\data\lua\cpml and vec3.lua. String has len(), so it's just natural to use the same name for similar purpose. There is much more inside.
  12. Agree with this. I got also an alternative idea: let me see locations of respads. If player can activate a respad, they have some rights to the ship, and knowing where my activated respads are would be a bloody nice feature. AND it could also tell where the borrowed ship is, assuming the pad is named after the ship.
  13. constructVelocity is a vector and not a number. You can get speed out from it by constructVelocity:len()
  14. I support the decision to protect Lua files and prevent loading any DLLs. Anticheats can't protect anything unless this door is closed. There is no way to control what native libraries do. NQ should add native implementations of some commonly used and time-consuming features into the Lua library, like native JSON encoding/decoding, cryptoalgorithms and key stores.
  15. Hmm, if i link antigravity generator to PB and call antigrav.GetData(), do i get AGG-specific variables like current base altitude and anti-g power as json?
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