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  1. Just make a solar system for pvp peasants and another with no pvp. This safe/non-safe division in one system is silly.
  2. This thread is apples to oranges comparison. You want our carebear ships to have as many L containers as possible.
  3. I am OK with reseed. I'll lose a pile of meganodes but if new opportunities open it's fine. I would add a lot more ores beyond territory scanner's range. Then some meganodes appear in scans while some require lotsa digging and pure luck to be found.
  4. You don't have to type. Just click the yellow button. Your email/pw are saved and used. The interface just hides them, which is actually a great feature.
  5. Scanners aren't broken. Those who "spend hours trying to locate" ore should have something completely different way to earn money. The real problem is not that mining sux, but those who sux as miners don't have alternatives. It's okay to replace the circle clicking with some mining engine and setting up conveyor belts/tubes, but mining should always stay very difficult to botters. If the "mining bots" means that the time spent clicking the circle is spent setting up and connecting bots to ship, explosions, etc, it could actually be an improvement. It would also make bot
  6. See the codex. Several methods which may affect other players unknowingly are restricted to explicitly starting the PB for security reasons. Imagine someone walking by and PB gets triggered with a detector zone.
  7. I tested a coal megahex on Lacobus. Initial scan showed 4.6M coal, Few small nodes and one meganode gave about 2.5M coal. Afterscan showed 1.8M coal. I cleared every other coal node and scan dropped to 1.5M. The one megavein was right at edge of the hex, and it was rather easy to find all other nodes within the hex. I dug search tunnels every 100m altitude around the megavein, and few tunnels down to 2km below surface. End result: 1.5M coal in terrain scan but no actual coal.
  8. The sun has seasons. I followed it in alpha few weeks and its path definitely changes over time.
  9. Any mechanism that temporarily disables one respawn pad opens possibility to exploit it to two-way teleport. A simple global e.g. ten minutes respawn cooldown is better.
  10. Looks good. Do you mind if I put a link to your repo from my very old script as a newer alternative?
  11. Holding mouse button was terrible in mining and it got fixed. Repairing needs same fix.
  12. I'm through several alpha wipes and my opinion is "who cares"? Wipes are a minor issue. I get back to poor noob state, squee, fun! I can build the gigafactory again and I have new ideas for it! Don't get too stuck to your assets or status. The journey is the fun.
  13. Currently you can't get the destination coordinates in Lua scripts. There is no API call for it. It's one of the most requested features. I suggest you send a ticket to support about it. Assuming we get it one day, then calculations are straight-forward. Everything in DU are in 3d world coordinates and the unit is meter. If you subtract your ship's world position from target, the result is vector pointing from ship to target and its length is the distance in meters. Go into your game directory, game\data\lua and look around. There is e.g. cpml\vec3.lua for 3d vector cal
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