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  1. Yes that is the case. Unknown if there is a server wide wipe..
  2. A few years ago, my favorite book author posted a simple picture of his base in a different open sandbox game with huge random-gen world. The contest was about using the information in that picture to find the base. Information such as mountains, rivers, trees.. etc. The contest was very fun while using the map and terrain features, to search and to survive in the zombie wasteland. It was a challenge! Another idea is to have a pre-built construct hidden in the Helios System. Hidden information would be through out the system that provided clues on the location of this construct. Once the player finds the construct it would be a challenge to navigate through the construct (building, maze, tomb..). The prize could be anything, perhaps and exotic element or exclusive element skin that can only be found in this quest? For finding constructs out in space, like the "unknown origin" can we have more ships to find? Perhaps player built ships they submit for use in this feature? And finally something I just though about.... How about an asteroid crashes onto one planet somewhere in the system. (doesn't have to have an actual crash, could be a simple spawn) That asteroid happens to be a Tier 4 or 5 rich asteroid. This could be rare and can encourage players to explore the planets for some old fashioned mining, or surface mining.
  3. Here is my video from the battle, DU pvp from one point of view isn't that very exciting so I did my best on making it interesting.
  4. the exact number is unknown. The estimated numbers are what I got from the videos, and general chatter going on. Who knows what the true number is... maybe NQ?
  5. I'm not heavy on PVP and this was my 2nd time engaged in it. Regardless it was one of the moments I had the most fun in DU. I've collected some stats on the operation and got a lot of video (47gb worth!) I plan to release my video later this week, but here is the info I've managed to collect; Operation Hunter-Seeker Stats: (Siege of Gamma) 1B+ quanta donations to launch the operation 10k warp cells just to 1 way warp 56 ships from our L Carrier 33+ players from various orgs who were apart of the first wave (Empire, BOO, CVA, Penrose, SB Nation, CYT, IC, CRN, MSI, UA) 56 ships brought on first wave, reinforcement waves came in from time to time, but most where help up engaging Legion ships elsewhere 150+ on site by 1.5 hours in engagement War Effort Estimation: Legion 55 Kills Oblivion 35 Kills Alien Core Won & Lost, but we managed to destroy assets on core 3 +/- billion quanta in ships destroyed
  6. use support to get better results. https://support.dualthegame.com/hc/en-us
  7. With all this wipe talk, please just DU something. My motivation on playing DU lately has taken a huge hit. At this point I do not care what you do, just make it soon so I can get back to playing.
  8. Can you cover the formula in which the the MUs harvest ore & how the bonus rates are calculated? I've never been this involved with spreadsheets in a game than Dual Universe and it's driving me crazy trying to figure out the math, but hey I love it!
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