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    Sky Asa reacted to Anopheles in I don't think I'm happy that Organizations are already up and running   
    Seems like every niche has already been filled.  New organizations will be minnows and will struggle to survive.   
    Yes, I know Organization Churn is a thing in games, but everything you want to do will already be up and running, so you are under a lot of weight.
    This will be true even after a wipe.     This means the best areas will be found sooner (organized effort), better defended and so on.
    Organizations shouldn't have started until a relatively short beta or after.
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    Sky Asa reacted to Greenfox in Survival Mechanics   
    :3 get a room you two. Try to focus on the topic.
    Survival mechanics MIGHT be added in some form.
    But more like a deteration factor for people to build extrem deep underground bases.
    We might get "food" and "water" too.
    But anything on that is speculation and or rumors atm.
    What we most certainly wont get "AIR in Spaceships with integrity checks of hulls".
    That is a server melder ... just play "From the Depths" to see how your pc reacts to 20 ships on water ... when they get riddled with holes. Now imagine what the server will say to a few thousands of these checks per second xD.
    PS: @Lulichika if you use the search function you will find a bunch of similar topics already discussing this~
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from AdmiralSeth in Eden Republic Archives (Lore)   
    uuu shinyy.
    This is interesting!
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from Kuritho in Survival Mechanics   
    Zero Two = Best girl.
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    Sky Asa reacted to Kuritho in [NON-CANON] Hugs and Kisses (moved)   
    Posted elsewhere. Contact my representative for more info.
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    Sky Asa reacted to KurockNotabi in Alioth Aerospace Expo   
    The more the merrier I say. Come say hi on the Alioth Expo discord (https://discord.gg/agD4r5X)
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    Sky Asa reacted to Castanietzsche in Hello, I have a question   
    I'm really not optimistic about buying DAC with in-game currency.
    We don't have any information on how easy will it be to gather enough IG money, and that can be huge. For example, in World of Warcraft it's ridiculously long to get enough for 1 month and your month will still be paid by another player. (in this extreme case he even pays more than by buying a month for himself...).
    That's also very unwholesome to connect real currency to in-game one.
    This argument isn't one or it is a scam. I think that the expensive pricing of Dual Universe is going to refrain tons of people to play. The point is, we used to play MMOs and minecraft because our friends played it at school, it became a social phenomenon, everybody spoke about it and playing with friends is really that makes people love multiplayer games.
    About we can suscribe month by month... It's not day by day. You may suffer from a confirmation bias but this game IS one of the most expensive game ever made. It's much more expensive than Europa Universalis IV. And we still don't know how many in-game purchases there will be.
    About the "free 2 years" while playing during the beta, hey a game in beta is full of bug. You test the game, that's all.
    That being said, this game is really expensive but I still bought it because I think I'll have tons of fun on it.
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    Sky Asa reacted to Pantera in How Would You Train your Armies and Fleets?   

    plus this.

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    Sky Asa reacted to AdmiralSeth in Eden Republic Archives (Lore)   
    1876 - The United Edonian Federation is founded on Edonia
    2025 - Edonia starts monitoring the neutron star heading to Earth
    2223 - The Epsilon Wars start
    2231 - The Epsilon Wars end, leaving a death tol of 70,000,000 Edonians in its wake
    2250 - All historical archives from this point until 2490 are lost
    2490 - The Endgame War starts 2493 - Edonia starts to lose systems
    2496 - Edonia is destroyed by a Shadow Superweapon and an evacuation fleet evacuates as many Edonians as possible, leaving 12.8 Billion dead
    2497 - The fleet arrives at Earth
    2505 - Many of the Edonian survivors are picked to travel on the Novark
    12477 - The first Edonians step off the Novark
    Flag of the United Edonian Federation                           Flag of the Eden Republic

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    Sky Asa reacted to Lime in Dual Insider - News, Interviews, and more!   
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from Kuritho in SilverAti's Introducing   
    You can tax me hard, anytime you want.
    Welcome Ati to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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    Sky Asa reacted to Kuritho in SilverAti's Introducing   
    Welcome to Dual Universe.
    Now, you may be wondering "who is this sexy Kuritho dude?"
    And that's an excellent question!
    Kuritho is (unarguably) one of the coolest people on the forums. Kuritho is soooo cool that she sometimes speaks in 3rd person. Isn't that amazing?
    He's so cool that she mixes up their pronouns to be unique. Now that's dope.
    Also, pay your taxes.
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    Sky Asa reacted to SilverAti in SilverAti's Introducing   
    Hi guys !

    My name is Nagy Attila but you can easily say Ati or SilverAti how you like it !
    I’m borned in 1989 in Hungary But I’m actually living in Germany still 2016 and we are moved out with my wife in 2015. I’m actually Truck Driver in full time but Car mechanic and car eletrician are also my professions.

    I heard about DU 1th October, and I saw many tutorial videos yet. About 5 years ago I started to playing with lot of Spaceship games for example: Star Conflict ( that was my favorite), Vega Conflict (web browsing) and nowadays Galaxy Battleship (Android). I very like our “real universe” Constellations to analyze so thats the reason I Would like to take part in Dual Universe I hope so I will find the similarity between this games and our galaxies.

    Good luck & Have fun
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    Sky Asa reacted to Kuritho in SHIP Ideas Box   
    *puts in a slip of paper that is just a picture of bob ross*
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    Sky Asa reacted to Vulcore in Survival Mechanics   
    I personally do not want to have the distraction of having to acquire things like food, Oxygen or water. I hope to just be able to explore and build without such inconveniences. 
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    Sky Asa reacted to ArtfulBadger in Survival Mechanics   
    I also like the idea of buffs, even though it’s kind of a ‘soft debuff’. I think the two key things would be:
    1. The buffs are based on consumables, are are temporary but substantial.
    2. Making good buff items requires high skill specialization in a particular skill category. This both opens up another ‘job’ within the game, and will make it so the people most likely to use buffs (combatants, probably) will have to buy them.
    I think maximizing the number of jobs in DU’s industry is important, but that forcing players to engage with everything will take away the fun of specialization and turn new players away from the game.
    Just my $0.02.
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from Kuritho in Last Post Wins   
    *cough* source *cough* pls.
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from CoreVamore in Core Design   
    ? sounds good to me! Can't wait to see your organization to shape up!
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    Sky Asa reacted to CoreVamore in Core Design   
    Core Design has been created by its CEO, CoreVamore, a Dual Universe builder and Industrialist.
    Core Design is the gathering place for associates, partners and clients of the Core Design community.
    Core Design focuses on its two main projects:
    A space ship design, called the Nomad, that will go through many iterative designs, improving over time as Dual Universe develops, and...  
    "Project Two" - details of which will be released at a future date.  
    Core Design's focus on quality, performance and excellence in design should ensure competitive and fun products.
    Core Design hopes that its products will touch the lives of every Dual Universe citizen, at some point, as they journey through Dual Universe.
    Time will tell.....
    So watch this space as we help shape Dual Universe.
    *** Update - see new vision two posts down ***
    CEO - Core Design
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    Sky Asa reacted to Kuritho in Last Post Wins   
    There are mistakes in life.
    Some may be inclined to think that they are part of the issue. Some of you are. Some are not. I know not if I'm part of the issue. But somehow, this thread makes me physically revolt whenever I see it appear. Ever wonder what it feels like to have this sick feel when you're not sick when you're just trying to post on the forums? I've considered leaving the forums because of the posts here. Yet I don't because I feed off drama. I wonder why I type these out, and it's simply because I love trying to feel the words flow from my head to my fingertips, and it helps increase my words per minute. I plan on becoming a writer someday but I must be creative, and doing so is quite difficult. It's like trying to imagine the future it it's technological totality. You simply can't just learn it. 100 years ago, people would wonder what the future is like and we have all these new technologies. They would never guess that computers would then exist, and people a thousand years wouldn't even begin o fathom what we do on a daily basis with the tools we constructed as a society. Hell, we aren't even crusading any more. They'd probably hate us for that. Not hate, despise us. We are living in remarkable times yet we're trying trying to recede. It makes me wonder for the future, but again, is almost impossible. You can probably guess the next second, minute, hour, day, month, year, or eve decade. But in a century? No. Nobody can know the truths that lie ahead. Wow, I'm starting to sound really poetic. I should probably write poetry. "Once upon of time there was a thread I wanted to rant about. The end." Yeah, I'm probably not the best peotist. But that's why there are 8 billion other people. One of us is bound to be the best poetist. Or the strongest. Or smartest. How do we even gauge smartness? It's almost impossible apart from some rudimentary guidelines. You can still say somebody is smarter than the other sometimes, but what should we judge people upon? Knowledge? Memories? Their ability to critically think? It's all incredibly biased but that's what makes it beautiful. There is never just a best. There are multiple bests. It's amazing really. Think about it: I could be the sexiest person alive. I could be the hottest person alive. Or maybe the worst, shittiest, most cringest fleck of a human being. I'd never know, only you, because it is all subjective. It's magical yet detrimental, y'know? You'll never see yourself from another's perspective. It frightens me, as I wonder what everyone else thinks of me. But does it matter, in the grand scheme of things? Yes, it does quite.You may and begin to think that this is a copypasta, but it sin't. Go ahead and copy and paste this. You can make it into a copypasta if you want. I doubt anyone would care. I'd actually love this to gain meme status. That'd be great, even thought insignificant. Also, did I mention how I love icecream? Hint: I did not. I love icecream. It is one of the best things in existence from my perspective. You have vanilla, chocolate.... other flours. I've always wanted to try chocolate icecream with vanilla syrup. That'd probably be quite good, yeah? I have been typing for some time now. I should probably shut up and just say it.
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    Sky Asa got a reaction from Captain_Hilts in Order Your Custom Ship Now   
    Imagine a bunch of these ship flying in the sky. It would be a spectacular view.
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    Sky Asa reacted to TheHamon in Order Your Custom Ship Now   
    Would this be possible? It's a carrier from wing commander, we would love to see one in our Hands

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    Sky Asa reacted to Aaron Cain in Order Your Custom Ship Now   
    I would like to ask for a design of a small space taxi that can hold at least 3 people and it must fit in lets say  the streets of the city you see in the fifth element. Its for tranquility, we will need a taxi service, also we will build a defence force which needs fighters of the same size
    Feel free to contact me!!!
    greetz Aaron
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    Sky Asa reacted to Kuritho in Lua Autopilot/ Chatbot   
    I'd be willing to pay 3 DACs for a dating simulator. /s but i mean seriously, please make it
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