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  1. AdmiralSeth

    Eden Republic Archives (Lore)

    1876 - The United Edonian Federation is founded on Edonia 2025 - Edonia starts monitoring the neutron star heading to Earth 2223 - The Epsilon Wars start 2231 - The Epsilon Wars end, leaving a death tol of 70,000,000 Edonians in its wake 2250 - All historical archives from this point until 2490 are lost 2490 - The Endgame War starts 2493 - Edonia starts to lose systems 2496 - Edonia is destroyed by a Shadow Superweapon and an evacuation fleet evacuates as many Edonians as possible, leaving 12.8 Billion dead 2497 - The fleet arrives at Earth 2505 - Many of the Edonian survivors are picked to travel on the Novark 12477 - The first Edonians step off the Novark Flag of the United Edonian Federation Flag of the Eden Republic
  2. AdmiralSeth

    The Eden Republic

    We still have clothing laws 🤣
  3. The Eden Republic is a new organization, built on keeping the peace and stability in the galaxy. Eden Prime, the capital world is a bustling world with the majority of the Eden Republic's population in the capital city of Edonia. When Alpha is released, we have decided to partner with Tranquility and go with them until the colony fleet is ready. We will then depart and start Operation: New Eden. The fleet will jump two systems over, and after the second jump, the main package (the colony ship, the two escorts and the governmental cruiser) will stay behind while the science ships search for a habitable planet. The process will continue until a planet is found. Where the fleet lands is where Edonia will be built. And, when a foothold is set on the planet, a ship will return to Tranquility as a sign that the mission was a success. We will then announce the colonization of Eden Prime. Discord: https://discord.gg/9qtmdfK Group Link: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-eden-republic
  4. AdmiralSeth

    The Eden Republic

    Yeah. We have until Alpha Stage Two until servers are open all week so we won't get too much done in Alpha 1. Gives me a perfect amount of time to decide
  5. AdmiralSeth

    The Eden Republic

    Hmm. Never thought of that. Might do that instead. I'll have to think about it.
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    Greetings Spacepeople!

  7. AdmiralSeth

    The Eden Republic

    The Eden Republic is a new organization, but not without a well thought out plan. In Beta, we expect to launch a colony fleet from Alioth into the unknown to find a new home world for the Eden Republic. The planet will be called Eden Prime. But, for now, we need your help to build up a temporary settlement to house everyone until Beta. The city will need to be in an area suitable for building six ships at the same time. One colony ship, two escorts, two exploration ships, and one government ship. Are you up for the task? (We have a new, updated post) Links: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-eden-republic https://discord.gg/9qtmdfK https://edenrepublic.wordpress.com/
  8. discordauth:r8P4AF7f3ehVyyuj3gWIE_0QY5AceM1JUiNaaZqNZCM=

  9. AdmiralSeth


    Just got the game after monitoring its progress yesterday. I'm excited to build up a faction and explore the game!