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  1. Cool, so as a ship seller, everyone who bought a ship that I worked hard to build will essentially get it for free. Then after the quanta wipe, I won't be able to make anything back, because everyone already has the ships I sell. No thanks.
  2. This "magic eraser" tool should be a limited-time resource available to players. Give it to us for two weeks, then remove it.
  3. Agreed, I can't get the mining unit to work at all, and would be great to remove the charge limit so we can actually test .
  4. There's like five people who got rich from exploits. A wipe would make a very vocal minority (of the already limited number of people who still play) happy, and the rest would leave. It's basically a big middle finger to everyone who has put in the time and effort since the beginning of beta to build wealth. Doing a quanta-only wipe would be even worse. I've made money by selling ships. If you wipe the quanta but let them keep the ships, they they basically got them for free, and I (and every other ship seller) gets screwed.
  5. Did you watch the video? They did discuss what happens when you don't pay the taxes. For two weeks, the tile becomes "inactive" where industry and mining units won't work. After that, the TU is deleted and the tile becomes available. The only thing that wasn't clear (because they haven't decided yet) is what happens to constructs on that tile. Pretty wild speculation given that they haven't even finalized how much the taxes will be. Oh good, another ridiculous "wiper" who's mad that other people have more quanta then them.
  6. You should really watch the video. 1) Seems to be 2) Not at all. They're just regenerating the terrain, and you can still terraform like before. They're even going to help players with underground bases clear them out.
  7. They explained earlier that each tile has a limit (that you can see in a territory scan) and you can't go over that limit no matter how many mining units you place.
  8. Plz don't delete quats. Also, will unit.getMasterPlayerForward/Up/Right be the player position or view?
  9. On that last point about a wipe, please do not take the incessant ranting of a very vocal minority as a legitimate request from the community. There's probably about >1% of players who actually want that, most of them new.
  10. The effort to communicate more and involve the community in the development process is refreshing. One thing that I think may help is if the snapshot used in the PTS was refreshed more frequently. Myself and probably others want to test if the stuff they are currently working on will still work with the new changes. Also despite what you may hear from the vocal minority, we don't need a wipe. That would do far more harm than good.
  11. It's very refreshing to see something like fetch return. I think it was taken away a bit too soon, though it does cut into my business of selling rescue ships ;-). That said, if we're going to have the fetch command, I think it's important to allow legates to fetch org-owned ships. I have almost no ships owned by my character personally, everything is org-owned. I imagine that's the same for a lot of players with a lot of constructs.
  12. For me, this is the most important missing feature: We need a way for a creator to be able to transfer their “creatorship” to another player/org. Not only that, but there should be an RDMS flag for editing DRM protected Lua on a construct. Our use case is that we have a number of Lua developers in our org who work collaboratively on a ships code. With the current state, and proposed solutions, we'd need to make every developer a legate, or remove DRM altogether in order to work the way we have.
  13. Hopefully you guys will take some of our feedback into consideration with these patches.
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