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  1. Overall I'm happy with this update... there was a couple performance bugs that appear to be working better for me on my gaming laptop vice my desktop, and that VFX dont seem to bother me as much as other players. I've been giving the Mission System a good use and while I understand its a v1 system, it has great potential. Pushing out the ability to stack missions for complete round-about runs through 4~5 planets eventually returning to Alioth would make for a great game play loop. Look forward to seeing the progression with it.
  2. Good to see a fellow Japan Player....  Previously lived in Yokohama, now in Okinawa.

    1. Jinxed


      Been here since the late 90s. Love it. 

      I was over in Hyogo originally. 

  3. Same here as well... hopefully they get this work out in the first day of the pre-alpha.. which starts in about 4.5 hours from now....
  4. Look foward to the Pre-Alpha Countdown, 7hrs and counting....

  5. My PC Specs:

    Intel Core I7 5930K 3.5Ghz

    32GB DDR-3600 RAM

    128GB Crucial-SSD Gen4

    NVIDIA GTX-1080 8GB


  6. Looking forward to the Pre-Alpha test....   T-minus 12hrs and counting....

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