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  1. Original Arc and Quark ships, all engines and wings placed legit, by me, alone, no janko - but now apparently I'm an exploiter using overlapped elements...... Well done NQ for another heavy-handed and untested update.
  2. This has been suggested and discussed many times by both the community and NQ, and the response from NQ has always been 'Most ppl play over the weekend, so it makes most sense to have asteroids spawn on Saturday. There is no intention to have asteroids spawn spread over the week.' So much for listening to player feedback.....
  3. Needs caveat 'compared to the basic model ..... That is all
  4. I know - but in the beginning, and for a good while, it was a place with a broad range of things to choose from. Now, unfortunately, NQ has successively whittled the spectrum of what ppl can do - in a reasonable time frame, mind - to barely scraping at rocks, babysitting MUs or running missions afk. As for creative stuff, there simply isn't the player base now to support the number of builders we had even a handful of months ago, because of what NQ have done to the game.
  5. Your analogy to Eve is flawed, as Eve allows you to 'do everything' without necessarily 'choosing a path'. I've played Eve for a great deal of time and I can see that I can do pretty much the same in DU, should I choose to spend the time on the appropriate talents - including chopping and changing my path. Indeed, the difference to Eve is the talents don't cost anything to start training, so you actually have more freedom to choose your path in DU. And responding to the OPs claim that DU should be 'more like real life' in that we shouldn't change our career path at all easily- why? This is a game set on a new frontier, where we have been tasked to rebuild - or more rightly just flat out build anew. Surely the idea would be to have a society able to rapidly respond to changing demands on that society, as it grows. Having a monolithic society, that has deliberate blocks and inertia to career change is a script for stagnation and boredom - as can be seen in the 'real world' you seem so eager to replicate. This is a game we play to escape that monotony, why would you want to bring the limitations of the world into the entertainment we indulge in to escape it?
  6. NQ are collecting questions to answer on a video Q&A session, due to be recorded in a few days
  7. In the last Q&A I asked about the spread of T4/T5 ores being deliberately pushed to the asteroids, to which the response was 'No' - Now with the deployment of Demeter, the spread of all ores seem to have been significantly reduced across all planets, but particularly T3 and above, with even T2 being a lot more rare than before the geo reset. This seems to go directly against the response given in the previous Q&A, as well as significantly impacting the ability of players (especially solo) to find and establish a stable ore income of reasonable volume & diversity. Short term: Has NQ considered the impact of low quanta fluidity in supporting the new tile taxes, as ppl are trying to sell ore to raise quanta, but all other ppl are also selling ore to raise quanta, so not being able to purchase listed ores - resulting in a stalling of quanta flow through the economy? Long term: Has NQ considered the impact of potential ore rarity due to low extraction volumes, brought about by miners not transitioning to the new MU's (or just giving up on the game-play loop due to dis-interest), extraction rate caps from pool rates and charge caps, as well as larger orgs stockpiling to maintain gigafactorys (and potentially control market manipulation) and reduced quanta flow through the economy due to tile taxes? And no, saying players can always take Aphelia Missions to make quanta is NOT a reasonable response, as Missions are not a game-play loop that many players want to, or are able to spend the time undertaking.
  8. Article here (I thinks !)-> https://www.bitcoinisle.com/2021/11/18/what-is-metaverse-the-future-vision-for-the-internet/ with original article here -> https://capital.com/what-is-metaverse-the-future-vision-of-the-internet [BE AWARE, UK can't see this page due to crypto advertising rules] and both NQs (https://www.linkedin.com/company/novaquark) and Nouredines (https://fr.linkedin.com/in/nouredine-abboud-89b3ab1?trk=author_mini-profile_title) LinkedIn pages speak of 'the Metaverse' and how the voxel tech used in DU is the basis for a distributed buildable virtual environment, to be applied to 'other projects'.
  9. Bigger picture view -> Recent interviews by new CEO have stated NQ is a 'Metaverse' company that is developing voxel tech to use/licence in any virtual world that gets established. From this we can deduce DU is a tech demo of the voxel tech first and a Sci-Fi MMO game second.
  10. The blog said HQ declaration will be from the 'Territory Management' interface - but we haven't seen or been told where that interface will be yet. (Speculation, this could be the Territory Tax window in the Wallet)
  11. Demeter is giving the ability to tokenise TU's, just the same as constructs, so you can transfer tiles easily - HQ declaration will be from the 'Territory Management' interface - but we haven't seen or been told where that interface will be yet. (Speculation, this could be the Territory Tax window in the Wallet)
  12. HQ tiles are still taxed and will need paying to have industry and MU's running - it just means any tile designated as an HQ will not go abandoned if you don't pay your taxes.
  13. From the blog -> "...., unless that territory is flagged as a headquarters from the territory interface." This is all the info on HQ assignment we have atm.
  14. It means any industry or mining units you have on the tile will stop working, until you pay the taxes again - HQ tiles just won't go abandoned if you don't pay the tax
  15. I agree, and the demo video of the miners in use on the Q&A showing a MU on the ground is massively unrealistic , as most ppl will drop a floor to the static from which they are mining.
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