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  1. This may be wanted by NQ to justify a total wipe. "oh look, it's an extreme condition the economy is not working, we have to go back to"
  2. I don't see how a wipe would be a solution. There will always be players who will have an advantage.
  3. NQ has suspended these kinds of changes until they have a new play option. When there will be asteroids in PvP zone, tiles with deeper mineral exploitation bonuses and in greater quantity. Maybe we will have the right to real mining factories. But only time will tell if NQ manages to add enough content to their game.
  4. You would have to ask the ATV, but it was planned in this 0.23 initially. Feature postponed pending more gameplay on this before its return. But the mining nerf will come.
  5. The current shit storm postponed this deadline, but in future NQ wants us to no longer be able to bind to a container on a dynamic core.
  6. It is true that apart from the demand for implementation of PvP objectives, fixing bugs / exploits is a priority. Quote : Overlapping Engines with Other Elements (Obfuscation): A fix will be deployed to prevent this from happening. No action will be taken unless further abuse occurs. [Permit] Can we have a confirmation of the implementation of this fix?
  7. Excellent news. We have been waiting for this for a long time. However, a few points remain to be clarified. I could make a long list of exploits that our small group of players have already imagined / planned to take advantage of your new mechanics. To know how far these workarounds can go, there is a big question that needs to be answered clearly : - When a group of players disconnects from one of their ships (the pilot and other people on board). What will happen if a person unrelated to them arrives at the scene for several minutes (hours or days)? Will the ship regain speed when we are within construction range? Or will it stay completely still because we are strangers to the crew that flew it when it stopped? This is really a very important question, once we get an answer we could send you a good (non-exhaustive) list of the possible workarounds we see for either method.
  8. I'm really happy to discover this thread with a new recruit at NQ to take note of our various feedback. Before answering the main question of this topic. I also think it's vital that NQ play their game with the players. Some kind of event where the devs would fight against the players for example would be beneficial for the dev team and also to keep the game alive. To come back to the subject, I do not intend to stop playing and stop support the game. On the other hand, even if I spoke about this game to my friends, I did not actively solicit them to bring them in (despite I still have free beta keys!). Why didn't I bring all my friends over ? The one and only reason is the lack of PvP. Okay, the current balancing isn't the friendliest and most seller, but a bad meta isn't a reason for not having PvP. It’s very comfortable to have safe zones in the game. We’re not questioning that choice. But why the hell are we not allowed to be just one area with resources of exclusive interest to PvP ? My friends aren't creative, they won't come to the game to build buildings, or build ships, or do LUA. On the other hand if they come, they will mine, will manufacture factories and the elements and all that is necessary for the practice of the PvP. You don't offer ANYTHING for this kind of player. Once in the game what are they going to do other than get bored? Even the exploration is pointless, all the planets are bland and without difficulties or peculiarities. The scientific reality of the known universe is beyond even the imagination that NQ has shown to date ! NQ give us a planet without the 2.5 SU safe zone and jamed radar, with resources exclusive to it. And you will see or you would have seen a whole bunch of happy players on the game. Big pitched battles, blockades, logistics, mercenarism, piracy… Here is all that could have done the daily life of a large number player in the game. Here's what NQ has miss through since the September launch. Of course this is the reason why my friends are not in the game. But this is also the case for players with whom we have been able to play, who have discovered the game and withdrawn out of boredom. The game need PvP
  9. The difference with military ships (I think we can compare DU ships with the navy) is that DU is a game. In real life a naval ship at a good quarter of its tonnage / volume use to its crew (sanitary, food, water, dormitory, refectory ...). We find ourselves very far from : "just efficiency and effectiveness". So effectively if DU does not add any other parameter , we will only need an engine and a gun... The fact of needing more volume for a ship will indirectly make it possible to make things more vary than a shoe box without necessarily losing fighting capacities. I look forward to seeing what will be implemented to force us to "fill" our ships.
  10. It's common to use liters AND cubic meters.
  11. That does not sound like what's being said here?
  12. Hello, I think we will certainly have this kind of celestial object for future updates (but in the natural state). Passing in the first place by the implantation of supermassive planets. Otherwise for all your points it's definitely a no. it does not make any sense whether for the gameplay or the physical model that NQ has to develop on its game.
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