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  1. After reading through the kickstarter page I see that the devs have decided on a subscription model, at $13/£10 per month, a similar price to other popular MMO's. But I have to ask, what exactly justifies this price? Games like World of Warcraft, for their £10 per month subscription add a continous steam of new content. In Dual Univese though, its content is entirely player-made. So what will Dual Universe be adding to the game on a continous basis to justify that ongoing subscription? Dual Univese looks like a great game, but I don't see how it's worth paying a subscription for, let alone one as high as that.
  2. After watching the new building gmeplay video it struck me, that on all the footage and screenshots we've seen so far the voxels are essentially blank and untextured. Sure they can be coloured but they're still just 'flat' and devoid. Is it actually possible to give them some actual texture/pattern, to make them look like metal etc?
  3. In Space Engineers I often find myself accidentily removing blocks from ships and stations (on creative mode at least), as all it takes is a single click and the targetting system isn't great. What would be a good idea is if you could 'lock' the ability to modify something. Say for example you've built a ship and you're happy with it, you can enable the lock to prevent it being changed, though you should of course be able to unlock it too.
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