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  1. When will they lock this tread finally?
  2. I think i can safely assume you neither know what you are talking about because you should be talking about the mechanic that has been suggested in this topic. You know you could easily send essays about how retarded is the other person in email. That would be great for everybody. it's perfectly useless to dicuss highschool physics in a video game forum because it's a video game forum. And to video games physics don't apply.
  3. Well... i don't think that there shouldn't be any firmware already in game bu i do think that it should be really really basic and not very efecctive leaving space to development.
  4. That's what i was trying to combat in my suggestion. People should learn the ship.:)
  5. I think i can suggest a better alternative that might even please Twerk. As an engineer works on the same ship for a long time they should uderstand the mechanisms more and should be able to improve them thus making the ship more effective and personal.
  6. Well... why not. Plus they could make swimming possible in the water blocks.
  7. I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be added. I'm not sure about voice chat but i think we can assume there will be at least text chat in the game. with that already done it's like one or two afternoons to code radio stations. As for newspapers it's pretty easy too but i'm not sure if it's necessary to add. I don't know how extensive lua scripting is but it's perfectly possible that it's possible to make a news terminal by players. But i don't think military orgs ever use these exploitable radios instead of teamspeak or discord.
  8. gyurka66

    Raming ship

    umm... For some degree i agree with what you are saying in that the "it can't be done" attitude is not productive BUT this is no place for personal insults and those won't help in making the other person believe what you are saying. I don't agree with Lethys either but i respect his opnion.
  9. We want cargo freighters to be in game right? If the things stay as they are now they won't be a thing as players have huge inventories and they can store materials there, why would they need cargo space? Well, of course i'm not saying that inventory space should be realistic in size but i think the player shouldn't be able to carry more than around 300-400 m3. The excess should be stored in crates that would still compress the material and things. Crates should be only moved one by one or two by two. Yes i know it sounds stupid and boring but i know a few people that like taking things from A to B in games. As i said earlier there wouldn't be any need for starship size if there wouldn't be a need for cargo. It would be a minor annoyance to builders of course but i don't think it would make it unplayably hard.
  10. gyurka66

    Raming ship

    Do you mean we shouldn't write down our suggestions? And what makes you think that the only programmers in the whole DU community are the developers? I for one never worked on a project so big but i learnt programming, networking and some shit about hardware. And even if i'm not as qualified as the developers of the game my ideas can give them ideas even if it might seem that they are unable to implement it for some reason let them worry about it if they don't like and idea or think it's not possible they won't care about it. And the other thing is that Zero-G physcis and voxel based damage are not groundbreaking at all as they have been used in numerous other games already. You always cry about how the server can't handle this kind of calculations but as you already said NQ already made a server tech just to maximise the effectiveness of these calculations. Very Sad.
  11. I'm like 100% percent sure that everything you wrote will be in the game in at least a text form but i'm not sure about hacking because if that's a thing organizations or teams will abuse the hell out of third party programs like Discord and Skype.
  12. The point of this idea box is to suggest changes and additions and not sitting in silence and nodding to every decision and comment of the developers.
  13. gyurka66

    Raming ship

    Actually physical calculations take much more resources than subtracting from a variable until it's zero and then deleting it. and i don't think there will be too much ramming ever, because space is big even now and i heard they are making planets much bigger than they are in the prototype. The chances of eve encountering anyone point blank is pretty slim and i think collisions will only happen in either atmospheric fights(where a collision is almost certain death) or between fighters and their carriers. The only complication i see in collision damage is that it would look really lame between two bigger ships and totally not look like some star wars collision between star destroyers. But fighters scracthing the surface of a destroyer are way more cooler. So in the end i think collision warfare would limit itself but if it turns out to be a problem they can still limit the damage of one collision forcefully. I don't see a problem with implementing collision damage.
  14. Well, I agree with you in almost everything but i'm pretty sure if they implement local voice chat that creates almost as much server strain as radio voice chat. But it's unclear if the idea is talking about text chat radio because if that's the case then it's only like 1-2 man-hours to implement if they already have a text chat system in place.
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