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  1. There actually aren't any games at all that do specifically what I mentioned, plus why are you necro-posting
  2. In this video at 7:30 he shows off a drone he made, so I guess if you added some more features then you could have a "kamikaze" drone that rams its self into enemies and explode. But you can't have them shoot people on sight
  3. I think for many companies, they would fight and after the battle they would do repairs. But if it were a battle or war between nations or huge orgs, then they might have repair men that have to act fast enough to dodge shots in order to fix up the ship.
  4. You can survive as a lone wolf if you build underground, live on a less populated planet, or live deep in a cave system. These are some of my ideas for what I might do at some point in the game.
  5. So I just wanted to ask everyone what are the major projects your org has planned for DU, and what are their purposes.
  6. I haven't seen or heard of any talk about having a variety of a certain elements to choose from. Like you can craft 7 different designs of thrusters that all are equal in performance, because their look is just purely Aesthetic Im asking this because I wanted to build a ship thats a sphere on the outside, but has a hollow cube in the inside for you to sit in it and pilot it. Similar to a Saiyan spacepod
  7. I think you can have multiple weapons, but I dont think you can fire them all at once
  8. I'd like to live in these places in this order 1. my own base 2. space station 3. join a nation's military (so where ever they have us stay) 4. underground facility 5. starship 6. city
  9. Nope you will have to pay a monthly fee or buy time from other players
  10. Everyone has been saying that DACs can be turned into Quanta, so by chance does anyone know how many DACs equals 1 Quanta
  11. I'd like to see a mesa like planet, but I still like the other planet types too
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