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  1. Was the login reward for just one week? I have not been getting the daily reward since saturday. Logged in today and still no login reward. I don't know if there is a news thread about this that I haven't read but if there isn't one would be nice to have something that tells us in game about or on the forums about daily rewards, etc. Regards.
  2. Hello guys. I was wondering if there is a sandbox type mode that I can play with and make blueprints without resources. Or in able to make a ship (Id like to join the game just to make ships) will I have to get resources to make them. Because if I pledge for alpha 3.1 while its a full month I might not be able to log in everyday and play and don't know how long will it take to farm resources to make a small size fighter. And thats not counting the curve to learn the game and then start farming resources etc. Hope you can give me an answer without breaking the NDA. Best regards.
  3. @supermega Yeah your post is great!! I hope they can do what you suggest.
  4. Thank you, everyone. Especially you Atmosph3ric. That was the answer I was hoping to read. I read that Alpha 2 will be around july 11 so you just recruited me. Hope to see you guys in July!!! Great day to you all!
  5. What can you tell me about shipbuilding atm. Is it better for shipbuilding than Empyrion or Space Engineers in terms of blocky designs? I'm really interested in this game and would love to pledge, but spending $120 just to log in to a game that will let me build ships as blocky as Empyrion or Space Engineers will not be for me. The only reason I will play this game is to become a starship builder, making cool flyable looking ships and even meddling with LUA if necessary to achieve what I want. I think in terms of just raw modelling (not in game ship mechanics because it really it's subpar to space engineers) Empyrion is, in my opinion, the best ship modeller out there. With that said, will I be able to make ships right now better that what you can do with Empyrion? Technically speaking is there a feature to make edges rounded (smoothing the edges to make a bevel like in a polygon edge). I have attached an image to explain myself better. Best regards, CP.
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