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  1. Hope so, these times kinda screw over oceanic players, Kinda upset they didn't disclose these details until after kick starter ended.
  2. Wherever the biggest thing i get to blow up is
  3. oh boy, i thought the people bitching about sub left awhile ago
  4. Well yeah, eve is limited to ships for the most part. Although the economy and skill system will be similar DU will have a lot more to offer with the player created and driven content.
  5. The Emporium logo looks like something from mario
  6. bit of an oldy, but hey why not
  7. MS paint i fucking swear. Will these groups have any impact in game? say you choose alpha you get a boost to combat orientated skills
  8. Just hope it doesn't end up like Starmades shield system
  9. I bet you had a heart attack when you heard about MS Paint
  10. Farming people or rice?
  11. i just ruined your non interrupted posting spree, how u feel?
  12. What he said, prepare for shit to break. Alot
  13. You need two of the same card to SLI or Crossfire EG: only a r9 290 will work with an r9 290, so using cards from different companies certainly wont work
  14. Grab your phone, and then slam it into the CPU. this unholy fusion of PC master race and mobile plebs will give you unimaginable speeds. i think
  15. Why? we are mostly atheist and thus don't believe in god, so parodying religion is fun
  16. Guy's got a point, never realised Jesus is a common name in other nations although here it is mainly associated with religion
  17. Fair enough, admittedly i did not consider other countries laws when it comes to freedom of speech and as much as i dislike it ill concede on this point
  18. I can understand you guys need to maintain a friendly image, But aren't you overdoing it with the leftist BS. Its getting to the point you are just forcing your beliefs and values on the community. You forced someone to change their avatar (pepe) and are now forcing someone to change their name all so a select few don't get triggered.
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