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  1. discordauth:UtisTc22rXcBzeRYvnTESPl-SaZ09i4aqsA-OARQumg=

  2. Welcome! Sivlerlight Industries is having open interviews right now! We are looking for security personnel, miners, pilots, sales and marketing, design, coding, researchers, and much more! We have a spot for everybody and any interests. Stop by our discord https://discord.gg/Z2Frz59 or posts questions here!
  3. I took out the religious references and any mention of Jay Cee
  4. And it was never my intentions to insult a religion or group of people. I did it for satire reasons. Im not a biggot nor against any religions. Just wanted to create a community for fun. And i realize we cant “worship” real people or NQ staff. Thats why i didnt use the term “JC”. I think a lot of conclusions were drawn without consulting me first but ill reluctantly comply.
  5. Ill change the org name and references and picture. But i should be allowed to keep my name as long as i change my avatar. Ill compromise that way.
  6. Anyone can be offended by anyones name. What im trying to say is no one i have ever crossed paths with in the community has never had a problem with my name until now. And no one is offended is the crazy part. I have to change my name even if im a gold backer. No one is offended but i have to change my name becuase it somehow may or may not offend one person or maybe just maybe a few people. Any one can be offended by anything. You cant nerf the world and make everyone happy
  7. No matter what people in life will always be butthurt over something. It really could be anything. But that doesnt mean we should always cater to the very very few over the many. I get NQ has an imagine to maintain but the whole point of giving us a sandbox, emergent gameplay, and a community is to have the freedom to create and connect with other people. I dont view the church as offencive, if anything many people offended that our beliefs are not creditable. So if you dont want to actually offend people NOW by disbanding an org that might offend people, i suggest you let us stay. You really cant have it both ways. The church is OUR religion something we passionatly believe in and i think we deserve that religious freedom just like anyone else. So people lets not nerf the world. P.S. ive had this name for over a year and was in the four largest orgs and now all of a sudden my name isnt allowed?
  8. My dear homies, Join the Church of Jay Cee! Give thanks to your one true lord and savior. Gather with your fellow brothers and sisters! Jay Cee has given you the gift of life and saved all of us from boredom and bad space sandbox games. Praise our lord and creator! Join us today! https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/the-church-of-jay-cee#tab-applications
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