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  1. Yea Wilkscheckov, I been on it and ran into some old friends but its not the same and a lot of people I know that use to play are not playing it. I still have my old disc, will never get rid of those. They are doing a great job and I hope they will one day bring the glory of SWG but its just not the same for me. DU is the future for me, well I hope it brings new glory and memories.
  2. I stuck around and fought through NGE and CU as best as I could but in the end, most of my guild left and it was down to a few people I still knew. I miss having my own store and selling my land speeders and going out to mine minerals and crafting. I miss my jedi that took me forever to get and then the horrible grind to get him to the skills I wanted. Fond memories of a great game. I had hope SWTOR would of brought some good memories back but it just wasn't the same and that's ok. SWTOR is still a good game, just not for me. I miss all the old guilds from BRIA server. MCO, GoD, FIST and of course KTD.
  3. Thanks Neopolitan, I will message you in private to get more information about your organization. I miss SWG-Pre NGE CU. BRIA server will always be part of my gaming memories. lol
  4. Thank you Kuritho, I have been browsing them as well and I will look into your org CommanderLouiz.
  5. I am still browsing everyone's organizations. Thank you for your patience. It was a lot of info thrown at me. There are a lot of nice people and so far the response has been great from the community.
  6. Thank you again for all the PMs and messages on the forum. I am still in process of browsing all your Great Organizations. A lot of good work and great ideas. A lot of info thrown at my way but its looking great. Nitro
  7. Thank you for all the replies and PMs. I will be going through them all and will respond accordingly. Members of the forums, feel free to PM or leave a message on the board on your organization if you are still looking for a member or help in leadership. Thank you again!
  8. This forum is now closed. After researching and talking with many members and leaders from different organizations. I have made my choice and applied and been accepted. Thank you to everyone who posted on my forum and PM with their information. I met a lot of good people and a welcome community. I look forward to gaming it up with many of you and making new friends. Thank you and be safe. Nitro
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