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  2. many listed professions may use scripting so it is too general, maybe the same when I say: I am a pilot
  3. I am looking forward to the asteroid fields. But maybe some planets will get harvestable rings too and some phone-booths to make "phone home" possible.
  4. could be a funny concept, though it is only worthy beside a well working skill system
  5. I have no problem with your point. I am only hoping for a weak API support by NQ to make it harder to create 3rd party tools.
  6. In my school time, I had a teacher who was a military officer too and he explained to us that stopping a tank is quite simple - blow up the fuel transporter and the tank won't get far. In other words: Logistics does matter and the larger the undertaking the more important the logistic part.
  7. Yepp, I second that - Muito obrigado, Merci, Danke schön!!
  8. I would prefer a limited API. DU should be driven by discoveries which are made inside the game by spending time inside DU and by doing research inside DU. The players should gain advantages they made inside DU and not by spending time at programming bots or 3rd party tools. The most active gamer shall have advantages and not the best RL programmer
  9. I don't think so that it is useless. I am wondering how many game improving ideas NQ will get out of our nonsense in the forum threads. If we delete every speculative thread in this forum then it will get rather empty. I am with you when you say we (or most of us) don't know anything. We had only a few hours so far and implementation of DU is far away from their goal. So speculations are the salt in our DU-soup and at least we think about possibilities inside DU. It helps us to stay tuned until the next tests were available.
  10. Blueprints: Designing Blueprints is a critical part in the economy. At one side it is not logically that a blueprint will be vanished once the item is crafted, on the other side we can argument that a copy of a BP is more licence to use the original BP x-times. The creator of the BP may use it unlimited but cannot copy the BP unlimited, the number of copy shall depend on his skills. A stable economy need a lot of players and a lot of specialization. Is it too easy for everybody to build everything then no one has to trade. Building items should not be that easy too. Is the marke
  11. I cant see your point. How fast do you think can those carts drive, how many fuels do they have? Speed is not the point but distance
  12. Ja, wir freuen uns auf Dich und Dich und ganz besonders auf Dich.
  13. JC mentioned too that better materials will be found outside the safe zones to force people to leave the zones. No risk no fun. To build ships better materials were essential.
  14. ... this is the main key for a vital economy. The best model won't help if no one uses it.
  15. ... and you have to take care that a ship can't use both special modules at the same time. If so then a ship with a ship with a ship construction is possible and that will get rather complicated. Joining structures to build super space stations should be an easier task.
  16. Sometimes I have the feeling that I have read something about the timer problems during a fight in the past.
  17. Oije


    If there is radar technology then there must be stealth technology too
  18. Size a holo deck uses energy, the restriction is the size of the holo deck generator/projector, comparable to the core sizes - I agree with that. To handle larger items should not be monetary based mainly, I hope it will be more skill based. The smarter should strike the richer.
  19. An excellent post and I maybe have an improvement: I think it is not good to have all possible items available at the beginning or a constructors's career. Therefore different skills should affect the number of items and voxels and available items. Your limit is only the size of the holo deck, that seems for me too easy to achieve. Size does matter ofc but knowledge and training should matter too.
  20. Well, I did not read the whole thread just got an idea what you are talking about. I do not want to have a creative mode, this is totally counterproductive. DU is on big universe, on one server and every action taken by any member of the universe should affect the whole system (butterfly effect). Testing out new blueprints must be an economical risk and it must be time consuming. Engineering can't be free because it would not help to rise an economy system. To have a vital and stable economy is an essential point for the success of DU.
  21. In an interview JC mentioned that approximately 2.000 player have access to Pre Alpha. I can't imagine that a few weeks or months will be enough to get all essential information. Looking at many other games I expect that Pre Alpha, Alpha and Beta will last longer than wanted. As long as the game is in development and players see improvements and new features, they can call their releases what ever they want. .-)
  22. Any you ever played Entropia Universe? They have a real economic system where you get transfers US$ into ingame money and vice versa. They have developed a safe player trade system.
  23. To get a working game economy some facts a essential: (1) You need many players (2) Everything must be crafted by players (3) Items must have a decay when they were used --> broken items must be repaired, recycled or bought from the market again. (4) Economy needs Scissors-Paper-Rock or even better Scissors-Paper-Rock-Lizard-Spock principle.
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