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  1. I have been gaming / father of 4 / full time tech for 14 years now. My steam account shows that if you know that type of account but i want to personally Thank ALL the devs , And workers of DU for bringing the world of DU to us all, and all gamer's together into a game that i think personally will change game-play mechanics for all of us for any future game. games will need to compare or beat standards being set here. Glad im a part of this! So Big thanks to JC , Alain , Maxime , And all the Programmers , Graphic designers. As I speak from most DU fans we love you guys for it
  2. Its nice to see the chart for Peaceful and Mixed is so close , Its nice to lay back ... Its also nice to be on top every so often , I value that this community is growing with a strong will. Ive seen many community fall over simple rage as with any game with PVP involved, there will be PVP it will always be there its the limit of control among our self's to make sure its a Friendly but Mature way of going about it it seems we are all on the forecast for some real kick butt game play
  3. There is if you have a Space suit on with some bomb headphones <3!
  4. I sure we all love some form of dirty its only natural
  5. Thanks for all the welcome's guys I plan to have a wonderful time with the game and Our group I hope all is well , We are all excited about this game and I'm sure we all are just drooling for beta The game has brought a NEW light of gaming and with it a wonderful community that is Thriving even before release I love it! Proudly Rep The Aether Family Thanks to Aetherios! -Xeno
  6. I want to personally thank all the members of Aether I Will Ensure to read more and make sure my place here is earned. I've been busy during this year due to my Job's I have Thrived this game since the Release of its name and plan on being around alot more during beta and little before that. @Aetherios Thanks for The Big Welcome
  7. Looking Forward To Start With you Guys , The Peaceful Motivation for this group will Brings Good Members. I have found many past games like this has stirred a bad set of groups,leaving the few out who may not be fully understanding of the game-play mechanics, I enjoy helping others learn , and Prosper from embracing the members! Enjoy Guys -Xeno
  8. Just Would like to stop by and say hey to everyone helping make this game possible, I look Forward to Building and progressing in game This is gonna be a game breaker game once Beta hits To the Dev's of this game we all can say we truly Enjoy every Video / update -Xeno
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