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  1. same, 40GB is a lot for Telstra apparently and well all the isp's. another thing to get sad about is the ping but who know. felt the pain in every word, Good luck.
  2. I believe it previously mentioned that pack available from the crowdfunding portal be become less and less of a 'bang for the buck' option as the game gets closer to release. Will the items sold be more expensive bought individually as apposed to buy/upgrading the pack, as part of this slow move to less cost effective rewards?
  3. Everything I have heard about this game has got me all giddy about the whole notion of an MMO with deep building gameplay but I have not seen anything that seems to stop the question I have, being... In relation to voxel sculpting will we have a ruler or snapping to vectors from an existing voxel shape? I believe that not having the ability to know the length of a face or edge could create some significant hurdles when building which you don't have in other games which tend to prefer predefined 'blocks' that have a set size which allows for the ability to use these blocks as a unit of measurement, like elements. This would be fine as is but you are also allowing the ability to use voxels as a main component of ship and base building. consider this, if want to create a face which is a certain length I would likely have to place an some form of element down to use as a base unit which I would have to scale up to allow me to duplicate this length on another area. Rather cumbersome if I need to place them all only to have them removed almost right after? and in effects limits the ability of the voxel hand to a certain extent having some sort of counter(length,width,height) placed at your cursor when using voxel hand to define an volume could do wonders and or the ablity to read the length of voxel edges and faces thank you to anyone who could put my concerns to rest
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