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  1. Imo power armors should be very expensive and efficient devices, intended to play a strategic role in conflicts, much more difficult to damage than regular armors, and allowing the soldiers to carry very heavy weapons. The capability of deploying such equipment in combat should be indicative of the power of the organizations involved, as well as the number of fighters, tanks, transport vehicles, etc. Something very similar to space marine armors in the warhammer 40k universe.
  2. What I really think is this particular subject is gonna be stuff of memes throughout DU’s life
  3. If this was the case, it can only be applied in atmo ships, as long as there is no aerodynamics in space. What about a galactic law to forbid the borgs? Just kidding
  4. I think the idea of creating black holes to be very naive, as well as something as “stellar body static construct” or even Dyson Spheres for that matter. Im not and expert in astronomy, but I think millions RL Earth planets running the same amount of simulated single shards, them all connected in one galactic huge instance would be neccesary just to being close to build such a contraption. And this would only be accomplished using the processing power of a RL K2 civilization indeed.
  5. A clash of flying grey cubes, a very sad vision to be contemplated indeed. It may look almost like a modded Minecraft What if the design of the ship is not intended for selling, for example if your company ask you to make a little fleet of fighters? Shouldnt they be more interested in saving costs while maintaining the offensive capacities ? I hope the devs to create a system wich allows buildings and ships to look awesome, maybe not based in aerodynamics or other ingame physics, but in a smart resources management, with elements being neccesary and expensive, and shaped voxels being relatively cheap. Or, in any case, the community to overcome the costs and design super cool stuff anyway. Please, consider I have never played the game yet. Maybe there are some players out there who can enlight us on this matter. Cant wait for the Alpha2 ?
  6. I wonder if there is any kind of incentive regarding to make the ships look cool aside from the will and taste of the designer. I mean, being the disposal of resources such a determinant factor, what is going to prevent players from building boring, cheap, fully functional flying grey cubes with just some elements attached to them in order to save money and materials?
  7. This is Spain, I'm Destruktioner, and I have just discovered the word "voxelmancy". I do declare myself a voxelmancer. Out.
  8. Destruktioner


    I know I know, wildlife is intendeed to be added far after the 1.0, but… HORSES!! I mean, the landscapes are beautiful in Alioth, with forests, and meadows… HORSES!!! You know that western-like sci-fi genre? with outlaws, and bounties, and duels… HOOOOORSES!!!! I dont know, its maybe the more epic animal species to be introduced in the game. What did you say? Alien horse-like creatures? no... HOOOOOORSES!!!!!
  9. “It wont prevent us” sorry
  10. I see your point, and it seems right to me. But think of the waste of resources and time it Wash if some really big contraption get wrong and has to be redone. I understand the lack of inmersion a creative mode implies, but im sure a mixed system is possible. For example, the blueprint made by the designer in creative enlists the total amount of elements and materials needed. Then the designer has to gather all the resources in game. When he has all he need, he uses his blueprint in the construction site. This blueprint, when used, generates a hologram, a gosthly representation of the thing, which is allowed to be seen only by his eyes (and maybe his team, the ones he gave permission to). In the 3d holoblueprint they can see the placement for all the elements, and the shape of the different voxels, and this can be easy replicated with real materials. The blueprints can be divided in sections to allow the interiors of the ship or building to be made as well. This is a way of making a lore friendly creative mode have sense in the game, and it wont allow us from ejoying the process of building as simple spectators. Remember that only the designer and his team can see, the holoblueprint, what we see is a big construction taking place in real time. The process implies a necessary skill for planning, creating, mixing and merging those blueprints as well, something only possible for really skilled and experienced players, thus allowing for the enrichment of the designing job in general. What do you think?
  11. IMO creative mode could perfectly be a completely separate mode, sort of a personal instance, intendeed for designing and programming purposes. A place where you can créate and test ships or stations or other constructs and contraptions, the blueprint them, and export those blueprints into the main game to be built for whatever the amount of resources is needed in each case. I hardly see this as an overpowered feature, much more as a necessary one for creators.
  12. Hello everyone, and thanks a lot to the devs for shaping our dreams like they do. A few days ago I pledged to the supporter pack, and I cant wait for the Alpha 2 to be launch.I would like to pull out some ideas I got that maybe have been already covered in another topic, so I will apologise for that first. I couldn't be more interested in building, crafting, trading, farming, mining, exploring, and all the other neutral or Pve oriented aspects the game offers, I simply love them as a gamer, but… according to this, I have to mention two of my favourite games, wich represent two of my favourite genres: I love Minecraft, and I love Battlefield. Said that; just imagine an industrial decadent landscape, maybe around a huge mining facility, set in an exotic planet, far away from Alioth, where an enormous amount of resources in the form of technology, or precious materials are safely kept and heavy guarded. Now imagine an epic scale conflict taking place in such an environment, with dozens of different troops running around in armored player designed transport vehicles; with specialized soldiers building bunkers and trenches, while others are manning big turrets and other fixed heavy weapons, stablishing defensive lines; with elite troops dressed in heavy power armors running into first line combat, while big panzer-like vehicles provide them with armoured support; with light atmosferic warships crossing the sky at match 2 speed, offering air support to the soldiers on the ground, and engaging in crazy dogfighting with enemy vessels; imagine the ambient filled with fire and explosions, with ships falling from the sky, with loudy engines furiously working, with desperate screams from fallen soldiers and orders being demanded by army commanders. Just imagine the cost in resources involved in such event, the gameplay related to the logistics, transport, communication, and hierarchy it implies. And of course imagine the PvP combat. Imagine that kind of Dual Universe. Maybe I am dreaming too much, but I´m thinking of Warhammer 40k and similar epic sci´fi universes, and the possibility to experience something like that from inside. Something in a CFC vs Test Alliance fashion, but in a new, unheard epic scale. Burning the sky, taking place above and along the planet's orbit, and down the ground level, all at once. I only have two questions for now: -Does PvP system, wich I understand has to be limited in some way to work properly, allow to represent conflicts like the one I tried to describe? For the sake of the ancients, how? & -I think for the drama to be driven correctly, a simple spawning after death system like the one we have in most PvP shooters like BF or COD won't work. I´m aware of the resurrection nodes, but, dont you think for many situations to be epic and has a true meaning, death should definitely be a factor in terms of penalization? Don not missunderstand me, I dont want a bunch of crazy psychopats wandering around the planets killing everyone and by doing that ruining their experience f the game, but at the same time, I trust the community could easily came up with an emergent-gameplay clever solution for this, like a bounty hunting system, a security agency, a private or federal army, etc. I´m just thinking of the epic possibilities of introducing real drama in such universe. Thats my message in a bottle, for the community, and the devs, to obtain some answers, or to start an interesting discussion. Iam from Spain, so I apologise if i wrote something wrong, for sure I did.
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