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  1. I don’t like the idea of wheels, nowhere is flat enough to use them at a reasonable speed. A mag lev rail system would be wonderful, especially underground for mining where ships can’t go easily. My only concern is the construct system, the space elevators that have been built us 30 L cores minimum to get up to 6KM so to build a working large rail system, even if your own area would take quite a few L size cores all arranged perfectly to make sure buildings lien up. i have seen some nice systems using small ships with hover engines surrounded by a static structure however they didn’t seem practical except for space elevators.
  2. +2 on better chat and everything windows.
  3. Casinos or games you could bet elements on with other players would be interesting, have a shady underbelly element to the game. I feel that just doing tasks should earn you exp as well, though in micro amounts, and only in the skills you are active in. For example for every L of ore you mine you should get .01 exp (3~exp a scoop)For T1 ore and .02 for T2, etc...or something but only in a mining skill. PVP would earn you more in combat skills and even just making items would give you a small amount. However his would all be “active” exp so you would have to be online to earn it as well as close by. So auto defenses and a factory on another planet won’t earn you any Exp.
  4. They should just remove all the types of honeycomb and let us just paint it/ add texture separately and design our own patterns. Would simplify the construction of cox so you don’t have to have 50 different honeycomb types for a design.
  5. Up your jet pack skill.
  6. I think they plan on having auto guns as well as shields for static/space constructs and maybe dynamic but idk.
  7. So I know this idea is a bit radical and I honestly don’t know of many if any games that do this however in a time when more people than ever have more that one monitor I would love to see DU offer multiple monitor support. what I am suggesting is not to spread the current screen over multiple monitors since that can be achieved natively and requires the same size monitors. Instead I am suggesting that the have screens such as inventory or flight data supported on the other. Obviously some kind of customization will be needed in the settings but it would be great if I could monitor my inventory while mining or watch the market once players set up their own. Flight data on a second monitor while my main display is kept clear would be fantastic as well especially once they get the graphics looking better. Potentially there could be more uses but for now I can’t think of any and would love feedback.
  8. Hopefully these show up in newer systems along with new skills to maneuver on these high gravity planets for both ships and players, since the players would need exo-suits or something to walk.
  9. +1 very interesting way to have raw ore spawn. Adding on to the ice idea above maybe give players a way to even trigger the event themselves. such as find a massive asteroid with ice thats to thick to mine through, then they have to strap engines onto it and push it toward the sun to start the process.
  10. +1 it’s great they Andes it to the remote market but a way to find out exactly where your items are would be great instead of clicking on each market. Hopefully they fix this before player markets become a thing.
  11. Like the Space engineers system? I love their connections and pipes. Everything has to be connected but it’s super flexible and the connectors are perfect for linking.
  12. A docking system like this would be great, where when you dock your ship the ore automatically moves to the station and fuel moves to your ship. Perfect for when space based mining outposts become more relevant and a lot of other situations.
  13. This would be nice, currently the only way to choose the size is by detector size and they have to be the center of the zone, this had made my auto doors a bit ugly as hiding the detector and connecting it become difficult while still tripping the detector soon enough.
  14. Why not call it a smart station/home/base hub at that point then. one item to manage your entire base so instead of running to each industrial machine you could just go to this million dollar device and manage the whole base/home/station. It could also be used for upgrading elements with your skills instead of having to pick them up and place them back down when you get new skills in the "%when placed down" area.
  15. The DU team already said re-spawning ore would not be a thing as they want people to go to new systems when added and to mine asteroids. as for flat out showing how much ore left is on a planet... that’s a bit op however, adding an item like the territory scanner which can be used from space/ high altitude to scan more than one hex at a time so you get a general idea where ore Might be and how much of each type would be great to have in the game. Also I have to agree that it’s not a problem you didn’t find the ore you were looking for as that’s just how things go sometimes when you bet on searching for it.
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