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  1. Storm


    Yes players need to categorize them, but this is just a general categorization, and it’s not what should be in the game, just ideas for it .
  2. Storm


    basically the same thing but my planet classes are more for categorizing and not for high detail so a Molten Class H (generally uninhabitable) is saying its a hostile environment with extreme heat. also im "stealing" some of your info to make the post more informative/useful
  3. Storm


    this it’s not what should be in the game, just ideas for it . planet classes and a brief description Class D (planetoid or moon with little to no atmosphere) Class H (generally uninhabitable, very dangerous and long-term habitation not recommend) Class J (gas giant) Class K (habitable,with special gear) Class L (marginally habitable,may contain life) Class M (terrestrial aka earth like) Class N (sulfuric/toxic) Temperature Hadean/hot - Hot enough for molten rocks Gaian/normal - Warm enough for "normal" liquids to stay liquid (i.e. water, gasoline, unsaturated fats) Cryogenic/cold - Cold enough for substances such as methane to be liquid Supercryogenic/very cold - Cold enough for liquid H2 Atmosphere/pressure Vacuum - No or Little atmosphere Marginal - Enough air to account for but not enough for unpressurized habitation Suitable - Enough air to walk around without pressure suits (THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE SAFETY FROM ATMOSPHERIC COMPOSITION) Extreme - Too high for unpressurized habitation planet size Subsphereical/space rocks - Too small to form a sphere Micro/moon - Large enough to be spherical, but too small for unaided human habitation without bone decay Massive/earth-like - Large enough for long-term living Supermassive/gas-giants - Mass too high for long -term habitation without issues, but low enough to not turn into a star Earth like Class M (terrestrial aka earth like) suitable atmosphere levels normal temperature and other earth like features Average-environment .suitable atmosphere levels .normal temperature .around 1 g of gravity Environmental hazards .fauna and flora .rain Molten Class H (generally uninhabitable, very dangerous and long-term habitation not recommend) a world of lava and ash rich in basic resources but are extreme hazardous to gather example mustafar Average-environment .Hot/Hadean .lava lakes or underground pools .usually little to no atmosphere Environmental hazards .Lava/lava pools/underground lava pools .steam/lava vents .Ash storms Barren worlds Class K (habitable,with special gear) a lifeless rock just a barren rock with no notable features Average-environment .is a very wide calcification only 1 common trait barren of any notable features Environmental hazards .getting lost scorched Class K (habitable,with special gear) sub class of barren worlds a world with a scorched/radioactive surface example solar apocalypse Average-environment .hot/radioactive surface .little/marginal atmosphere .looks like a general barren planet .has lots of radioactive elements on the surface if radioactively scorched Environmental hazards .Hot/radioactive .little or marginal atmosphere (can carry radiation making it even more radioactive) .mistaking it for a barren and getting irradiated/overheated Frozen All Classes that apply a frozen planet covered is snow and or ice example Hoth,Avalon Average-environment .cold/very-cold .approximately 75% have a under surface ocean Environmental hazards .cold/very-cold .falling into the under ocean .blizzards Toxic Class H (generally uninhabitable, very dangerous and long-term habitation not recommend) Class N (sulfuric/toxic) a toxic planet that can be anything from mustard Gas to fluoroantimonic acid Ph -28 example did not find any send examples Average-environment .very hazardous to human life .rich in rarer elements Environmental hazards .acid atmosphere .air is toxic and can contaminate your air supply .chemical reactions Cracked / Destroyed Class H (generally uninhabitable, very dangerous and long-term habitation not recommend) a world struck by a meteorite and cracked or shattered large amounts of Hot rocks and Explosive pockets float in the rubble average resources but are in dangerous and deep parts example alderaan Average-environment .no longer a planet .large debris fields around the area .barren Environmental hazards .explosive gas pockets .hot/molten rocks .debris Moon All Classes that apply can be any form of planet but are usually empty and lack atmosphere example any planet but small and orbits another planet Average-environment .smaller than host planet .orbits a planet Environmental hazards .depends on class .size/gravity Gas-Giants Class J (gas giant) a large ball of gas with no floor high gravity and crushing pressure and blinding "fog" and filter mining examples Jupiter Average-environment .large balls of gas .no floor .high gravity .crushing pressure Environmental hazards .crushing pressure in the abyss .high gravity .no floor .blinding fog Ocean All Classes that apply a planet full of liquid example subnaticas world Average-environment .large amounts of liquid .can have islands Environmental hazards .depends on class .pressure .liquid composition Due to planets not being uniform these characteristics may vary .Size (so much so that classifying each with a general size is pointless) .temperature .atmosphere .liquid .classes d h j k l m n Not Legitimate planets below large habitats that are titanic but not planets Hive Worlds/city a planet size city example coruscant {not natural or random spawn .player made} Massive Stations a massive station that could be mistaken for a small moon example death-star or a ring-world {not natural or random spawn .player made} some information from 0something0 this it’s not what should be in the game, just ideas for it .
  4. Storm

    Storms Tale

    fan Dual Universe lore .ark ships theirs more thane one ark ship .along with the death of earth cam unethical and extremely dangerous experimentation which led to some very bad things and the accidental destruction of earth before the neutron-sweep struck. .luckily for us the souls of the future we left before it all happen .but soon after we left prototype monster began to stalk us following us deep into the void we the children of the future survive only because of the sacrifices of are fellow ark ships soon we where all that was left, but after "redacted"years we learned of A experimental ark ships fitted with forbidden technologies that doomed are edan and nearly damned humanity to extinction ,we had to kill them every man woman and child an that forsaken ship it was the only way maybe god can forgive us for are crimes. rest in peace to are sister ship Charon your sacrifice will not be in vain .ark ship preceded to arrive on humanity new eden [game starts] .but far in distance the sister ship Charon floated with a experimental item needed for humanity's success and prosperity it was only a prototype but are best hope .something lurks on the Charon something dangerous.but so does the future of humanity the warp-gate n. NOT the story just loose lore .re-spawn is cloning but you have a chip in your head that lets you stay you .explains destroy ark ships and escorts randomly in space .can use it to drive other narratives .basically near/approaching death drove humanity to dangerous technology , which killed it before neutron-sweep did i got carried away with that one part my insanity's leaking out its 4 am pray for the Storm to never come again.
  5. sorry if its hard to follow
  6. a strange idea but here we go and i don,t know what customization options will be in the future if a faction/skilled trusted person makes a uniform,medal ect ,check it look over it and either reject or accept it as a new cosmetic item for the faction and add it into the game faction gets ther item and you get a small amount of free content this could also make a small modding community pop up, witch could generate more cosmetic things. examples .a admiral uniform for the Terran union . weapon skins .a soldier battle suit ect is this a good idea i can think of multiple problems like .hidden things in said items .arguing over why something didn't get in .ect this is a bizarre idea
  7. Storm

    Power Armor

    remove Cloak for in-game balance make power armor good for hostile planets like molten toxic ect make all none combat jobs 3 times slower for balance need power packs [like micro-fusion cells from fallout] and give power armor night/thermal vision power armor should be very expensive and have tires, and only carry 3 ability's so like .i want speed ,shields and radiation resistance
  8. this is more of future lore / tale .background the ship arrived at its destination before we did and is moderately damaged from meteor impacts a second ark ship hails us with a automatic distress message Booting System #.- ..- - --- -- .- - .. -.-. / -.. .. ... - .-. . ... ... / -- . ... ... .- --. . / --- ...- . .-. .-. .. -.. .# stand by warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 30 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 28 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 26 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 24 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 22 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 20 warning unknown "redacted" detected venting section 71 warning life support falling warni................................ Booting System #.- .. / .-. . .-- .. .-. .# stand by im not a writer fell free to make a story with this
  9. Humans generally do not inhabit extreme environments. There are organisms referred to as extremophiles that do live in such conditions, or just crazy players a "guide" to extreme environment planets why we need hostile environments .give variety to the player-base and allow for more adventure, technical thinking , ect .new ore and mining for rare materials only on these planets "cough" hazard pay "cough" Planetary Hazards Toxic Class N (sulfuric) . toxic from level 1 [the airs mustard-gas} to level 10 [ your capital ship starts to turn into a lake] .has a ore such as uranium plutonium thorium or supernova shards aka really radioactive ore .radioactive survival tip .stay short duration .bring oxygen .dont go un protected from radiation and or acid ocean none hazardous Class M (terrestrial) Gaia/Eden none hazardous Class M (terrestrial) gas-giant Class J (gas giant) .see gas giant post for more info .high gravity .crush depth .blind if inside .super winds .electromagnetic radiation survival tip .dont go deep .bring ballast/balloons .Dont even Try it, it is insane weather just stay at home .bring a sonar and a crush suit cracked /shattered Class H (generally uninhabitable) .a world hit by an especially large asteroid or from other ways . basically a molten asteroid belt in a planet sized area .lots of ores but lots of volatile explosive gas or something like that survival tip .dont bring big ships .dont ram rocks .dont dig without scanning thoroughly molten Class D (planetoid or moon with little to no atmosphere) .HOT "my poor boots" .lots of common ore in abundance .lava can rise "probably to much for the server" .good for ship forges/printing "not typed yet" .ash can block out the sky survival tip .Dont drink the lava .stay uphill .be very about heat and heat damage moon Class # can be any form of planet type D,H,J,K,L,M,N .usually no atmosphere . can be any form of planet type usually barren survival tip .bring oxygen .scan before descending .moons are like a Gamble Arctic Class K (habitable, as long as pressure domes are used) or Class D {no atmosphere} .very Cold / cold .rising snow "probably to much for the server" .can freeze machinery during a blizzard . blizzards survival tip .heavy gear .snow-shovels .bring oxygen generator theirs plenty of ice To survive the hazardous environments you need new gear suits,vehicles and buildings built for the task and knowledge on how the planet functions Space Hazards .Nebula's a cloud of gas and dust in outer space .Black holes {self explanatory} .asteroids {self explanatory} Hazard Basic Info radiation .a simple counter that builds up till it kills the player .radiation shielding is advised cold .a basic temperature system that counts down till the players death .heavy clothing is advised Heat .a basic temperature system that counts up till the players death .heat regulated clothing is advised toxic .a very unspecific hazard .can range from anything from mustard-gas to fluoroantimonic acid Ph -28 .a sealed suit to protect from acid rain and poisonous gases is a necessary Crush pressure/abyss .the bowls of a gas giant with pressure so strong it can pancake you in an instant .Crush Armor is required to survive in the upper abyss levels but not forever it will eventual kill you .causes blindness and requires a sonar to see Molten rocks and explosive pockets .dont ram they will hurt you .make sure you dont dig theme they will hurt you they are abundant in cracked /shattered worlds fell free to tell me if i forgot anything. i know theirs a few i missed
  10. Storm


    Im not one for paragraphs, i like bullets more so forgive the alien writing
  11. Storm


    Gas Giants a large planet of relatively low density consisting predominantly of hydrogen and helium. A brief and to the point suggestion to add gas-giants PERKS . gas filtering for resources . hard to access bases and facility's such as a prisons "ect" . hiding spot if deep enough . catch asteroids in there orbit . disposal of unwanted rivals .scuttle ships .Hydrogen reactor fuel CONS . BIG . Hard to access . Have to make a crush depth .strong gravity .ballast maintenance .if you go outside without a suit you'll get pancaked .violent storms and winds .if your base is damaged it could easily sink into the abyss .very poor sight need a sonar if deep .extreme temperatures .electromagnetic radiation Im not one for paragraphs, i like bullets more so forgive the alien writing
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