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  1. As was already said ...The ship you are chasing will not stop when they alt+f4 because your presence keeps them moving even when they are longed off .
  2. Coincidentally there was a NQ person on discord at the time i was asking about that.. It is being worked on..
  3. I heard there is a talent rest coming.. ^^ NQ caters for everyone hehe..
  4. The ship you are chasing will keep moving because you will be in rendering distance.
  5. Even better than my suggestion. Combined with ShioriStein suggestion of needing something like a Factory set up to do recycling . I don't mind it being hard to recycle stuff and perhaps even taking a long time to do but it would really be nice to have.. Cause when you start building bigger ships the parts from small ships kinda becomes useless.
  6. We need a Element that can be placed in your base or ship that can recycle elements that you no longer need to return a portion of the raw materials.
  7. Apillion

    Salvage tool

    There should be a tool to salvage abandoned or damaged constructs.
  8. So after my very first play test 16/05 I have experienced and seen a few people complain about constructs that are intentional/accidentally parked inside a static core sphere of influence. Might i suggest the ability to move a construct that is not owned by yourself if it is inside a dynamic cores influence area. Note: This is obviously only relevant while there is no PVP, or perhaps there my be reasons why you don't want to destroy a ship that is parked inside your land. Who knows.
  9. discordauth:4wAn45I_u6PH54plu26iSNZLBJBEGDdR8-NU7CovRTk=

  10. Hi everyone.. I was a bit overeager and mad a Introducing yourself post on another thread then discovered this one WHOOPS! o/
  11. discordauth:4wAn45I_u6PH54plu26iSNZLBJBEGDdR8-NU7CovRTk=

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