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  1. I completely agree with your outline of the mechanics above. That is more or less exactly what you can get out of the information published about the topic so far. Still, I think it would be awesome to have a less artificial way to solve this. Having artificially blocked areas other players cannot build in is easy to be implemented and allows for easy and quick balance changes, but having self defense options which make it about impossible or at least very very hard to build in a specific radius of another players construct, without consent, would feel a lot more natural. If one organization feels that they want to try and build up a staging station next to the one of their enemies, why not let them try? If the defense of the station is too bad or they manage to take it out they will succeed. If not, they will just waste all the resources. In addition though, to fight the griefing, a game mechanic which prevents players from attaching building blocks/modules/... directly to the structure of someone else should exist I guess. Expanding this protection to hundreds of meters or more is artificial. This would of course be different if that could be solved with "shields" (like you outlined above as well). Such a shield would be an actual barrier preventing someone from building/entering and not just an invisible bubble/area which makes a sign pop-up which says: building in this area is blocked! Greetings, Bobbylord
  2. Depending on the actual game mechanic details it might make sense to have some kind of space/territory claim unit which is intended to block others from building right in-front of your space station - potentially building you in... But, on the other hand, if aspects like this are considered in the mechanics design from the start these "griefing" issues can be avoided. E.g. if there are self defense mechanisms you can deploy around your starbase/add to your base which allow your base to shoot any building blocks/core units and attached constructs automatically and, if building in space takes some time and cannot happen instantly this can be solved that way. As it would be rather hard to build in the range of enough guns without getting everything destroyed immediately. Disclaimer: this is just _one_ rough idea on how to tackle "claims" of space without introducing artificial claim units / building blockers. See you all in space, Bobbylord
  3. Thanks a lot everybody. Feels good to be here. And I'm already looking forward to trade intel and rarities as well as gunpower in DU as soon as we get to (ab)use it.
  4. ... because Nomads cant be stopped. I'm Bobbylord. A Nomad who used to travel and conquer various virtual universes and who is looking to make DU his new home. Come and join me in endless space. Traveling wherever the "winds" will take us, fighting whoever tries to "break" us and making whatever we cant buy in "ToysRus". There's nothing bigger than you - this is DU. Bobbylord
  5. Gotta request to close this thread after my post Anyways, do not plan to stay here. Nomads never stop moving!
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