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  1. Its been a while since ive been back on the sight, But i cant seem to figure out how to edit my organization posts or anything at all. Am i missing something ? When i go to the Org page there are no options to add or edit post's anywhere i can see.
  2. Hmm More pre-alpha woes .. Hope i don't miss this opportunity as well.
  3. Just got the email for the pre alpha.. see you out there !!
  4. Now supporting Citadel Forged with fire.. come check out Star Empire Gaming .. visit our teamspeak at StarEmpireGaming.ddns.net
  5. Anyone playing Ark Survival Evolved ? Star Empire Gaming currently owns and operates 4 servers all clustered.. We will be adding a 5 clustered server once the new expansion drops.. The Island Ragnarock Scorched Earth The Valcano
  6. This is a recruitment thread i would appreciate it if you would remove your posts, or change them.. Its derogatory, and counter productive to my org. Thank you
  7. Star Empire Gaming is still recruiting to our multi gaming community . Playing other games ? Waiting it out while you play something else ? Come join star empire gaming visit our teamspeak: Starempiregaming.ddns.net Come join us now and solidify your role today P.s. The people above are all paranoid about something i have no clue . And obviously have way more time on there hands then they know what to do with . And believe me Star Empire Gaming is not fake . Nor is it against the rules to have non backers in your org . I personally will have 20 DAC's to give out to friends and f
  8. Star Empire Gaming Alliance "SEGA" is now recruiting to our gaming community we provide tools and voice comms for multiple games some examples are : Star Trek Online Dual universe Elite Dangerous Star Citizen Entropia Universe Star Wars Galaxies Freelancer Star Wars The Old Republic World of Warships PuBg EVE Online SOTA To name a few We are always open to adding new popular games to our gaming community and providing a positive attitude and mature environment. If you would like to become part of a legacy and a good
  9. Alright gamers we get to play in the pre alpha at the end of this month.. this is exciting news for everyone . Not the full alpha but at least we get to have a taste of what's to come .. this should be fun cant wait to give it a go. hope to see you all there
  10. Yah its a shame. But the game is progressing. And next year will be the best year yet for SC .
  11. Thanks Master, creating a powerful org in any game is a hard thing to do for sure. Most of my friends didn't want to help fund this game because of the whole star citizen thing kinda ruined crow funding for them. Which is why i'm actively recruiting to Dual Universe and within it. But i know a lot of my friends in the 77th like this kind of game play and when they see it first hand won't be able to resist. Anyone respectful and drama free is welcome in the 77th . who knows Masteredred maybe we will be in a galactic alliance in Dual Universe one day
  12. Yeah we made it , game was successfully funded. I had no doubt the game looks amazing. I Look forward to playing this game with everyone . For you alpha lvl backers, see you in the Alpha !!
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