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  1. Yeah, I agree 100%. Frustration is making me argue about minor details sorry.
  2. Of course is not comparable, destroying one market vs destroying the economy. First case some guys get banned, second case, nothing.
  3. It was when they banned Scoopy so it is now by their logic.
  4. Same here šŸ˜­ I dont really have the willpower to replace 30+ machines with more than 150+ links even if that would fix it.
  5. Please do a full talent respec, you are changing how the game as a whole is played so let us chose our way again.
  6. I would no dare to login (if by some miracle they have released that official announcement about beta key accounts not being unable to login that was about to be published 8 hours ago) I dont want all my constructs blowing up on sight or my character deleting himself after pressing F or something. I will make popcorn and watch some streamers lose all their stuff and submit tickets that will be (not) solved after two months in the queue.
  7. You can do a blueprint of whatever construct you building as backup, it saves all the element properties.
  8. Go to official discord, #help-tech-support channel and ask for a teleport to your construct. Depending on the distance you could also try F4- > My location -> Constructs -> Right click in your construct and select "Fetch"
  9. Obvious is a subjective perception, this is what you to fail to see.
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