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  1. Damn, and I just started my way toward those skills...
  2. Without having read all the responses: Yes, the event was a major failure and the devs should look at how other studios do such things. Even Frontier handles this better and they make a lot of wrong descissions with whatever they do (in my opinion).
  3. Did you place those containers again after getting the skill? If I remember right it was one of those "on placement" skills.
  4. This is the right way of thinking. And if you have any important lua scripts, save them outside of the game (best in some version control system) and you wont even loose that part. Yes, some things are extremely hard to rebuild (voxelmancy...), but I think the journey to that is also a lot of fun and if it is needed then it is needed.
  5. How about you tone down your language a bit, maybe take a break from the forums (and most likely also discord)? I have read your responses in multiple posts now, and they are always extremely aggressive if you don't agree with something. On the topic, I understand that people don't want to loose all their hard work in scripts/buildings/ships, but I also understand people who say that joining at launch only to be months behind is no fun. The later one is mostly caused from the ore topic, as we don't know how they will be able to reasonably get to tier 3 (or even tier 2, outside of their own territory on sanctuary, and even that can be lacking) and higher ore without buying everything from the market, considering that at that point, the starting system will most likely be mined out of anything more valuable. Hopefully NQ will come up with a system to mitigate this, but I no longer have much hope on this.
  6. I would see this like it is with hacks/exploits/backdoors in real world (btw as far as we know, this looks like bad RDMS, not a hack): Report it, wait some time for feedback and a fix, and when that doesn't happen, make it public. Making it public in the context of DU is either to post the steps to do it somewhere where NQ can't identify you and do anything against it (wont be noticed by many people) or using it on them so they HAVE to react. But as I said, as it looks this was not a hack but bad RDMS (they only pressed B on the construct from what I have seen) and bad game design (market orders lost because they where somehow tied to the elements -> player markets with some problem like that will be a nightmare when planet PVP and player markets make it into the game). Should they have reported it? Yes (and they did, according to them, although through the wrong channels), the problem is how NQ reacted.
  7. So, while I agree that some kind of reaction was necessary, a perma-ban takes it much too far, IMO. Especially as this is a beta and similar problems have been reported for a long time now, with no reaction other than "set up RDMS right". The way this whole mess was handled by NQ so far (among some other things) shows me that NQ seems to totally lack experience and understanding when it comes to MMOs, how to deal with your testers (yes, we are testers until the game is officially released) and especially how to deal with the black sheeps in your community. Usually you only jump straight to a perma-ban for really grave misuse, and since this is a beta, only something like intentionally messing with the game database and therefore affecting all players (or something along that line) should end in a perma-ban. So, let's do a quick check: Did those betatesters something wrong? YES Did they know it was not right? YES Was it some kind of hack or bugusing? Apparently NO, pressing B and being able to edit looks, smells, and feels like bad RDMS Was a reaction warranted? Debatable, thanks to RDMS, but most likely YES Did messing around with the marketplace elements lead to unintended problems (= orders lost)? YES, but neither could those betatesters have known this nor should messing around have led to these problems. So in reality another bug/problem of the game has been found and will hopefully be fixed. Did they get some kind of warning for other bad behavior before? NO (as no one got something like that so far) Does all of the above considered warrant a perma-ban? NO In my opinion, this was handled in the worst possible manner and I can say that as a consequence, I will leave the game for now after my paid time has run out, as I currently have no more confidence in the game (this topic is just a part of it, but an important part). I have seen a lot of beta tests over the years, I have seen a lot of launches and I am a developer myself (although not a game developer), so I see where all of this is going. I may come back in some months to see if I was wrong, but as it is right now, I don't think I am.
  8. Definitely agree that so many variants of it are crazy instead of having a small number. How I would imagine it: - Have a small number of different versions for the different roles they need to fit, e.g. glowing, lightweight, ship armor, base armor - Have a paint tool to apply the material color, using the raw materials used now to make the honeycombs, e.g. steel, carbon, ... - With the paint tool you can also decide the pattern, by pressing "e", like with the voxel tool for the shapes
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