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  1. Hello, i am confused, when i created my account, i wasnt able to make a nickname with less than 6 characters, but my main nickname have 4 characters and i saw some people on orgs with 3 or 4 characters. How can i change mine to match with my main Nickname please ?
  2. If they do that, all Gold Member will be disapointed. I took the Gold Pack to access to the Alpha, if they give the access to Silver members i will be very mad !
  3. Just Saw this video, i think you need to get this guy on your dev team ^^
  4. Hype is here but i dont hope so mutch to not be disapointed
  5. I am very disapointed that servers will be up only for few hours !
  6. Hi, i just saw this video we can see how water can run on Unigine 2.3, i read somewhere that Dual Universe is running on Unigine too so is it possible to have this beautiful water on Dual Universe ?
  7. SOLVED https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Blueprints
  8. Hi, on a video i saw the possibility to copy some voxels. Is it possible to save some creations to be able to use it on an other construction. For exemple, i store the shape of a window and i want to ba able to use it some days later without the need of coming back to the previous construction to copy the shape of the window. And will we be able to share our "blueprints" (shape of doors, windows, corridors, pillars...) to other players or sell them ? PS : My english is so bad i know
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