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  1. Yes you can, and yes you can. Underground is confirmed some where, all you need to do is dig enough to fit the buildings such underground, there was a few posts on it a while ago about what people would do or what they would build. As my time is limited on the forums I cannot link them And yes to a incredible size construct if constructs are as infinite as predicted then you can build whatever size deathstar/starkiller base you like, you'll just have to get both the man-power to build it and the resources required. However, I must note that it has also been confirmed that there wi
  2. I'm going to steal this definition for my own use, it is exactly what I think of the differences are. Crowdfunding being the basis of generating funds to create the game and assist in testing out all the bugs where game play may be more frustrating than enjoyable (at least in the early stages). Early Access being a 'near-completion' access to the game with less bugs and not really requiring testing anymore to play/work. I think many people do early access very very wrong on steam, there have been several games I've refunded simply because it's unplayable or contentless. Early Access i
  3. Integration with steam has its uses for coop and normal multiplayer games, but aside from the marketing value of it showing up in the steam library, I'm not sure the benefits are worth going through the extra effort of putting it on steam. Steam has the options for steam servers for multiplayer, which DU won't use as it's a single shard MMO, steam also has joining steam friends games, which it won't need. As I expect DU to have its own launcher there won't be any steam overlay integration as that would be applied to the launcher not the game. Friends list wouldn't be needed either
  4. The first playable alpha has been said to be available early 2017 along with crowdfunding. Not sure of the exact times for either, but I assume we dont know them yet as it's still a ways away I hope this info is still accurate, I feel I need to lurk again ><. Nora,
  5. I played Ark for a good long while when it was new, it came to the point that i had multiple of each dinosaur and a building so complex you'd get lost in it for days. I'd been to every corner of the map on the back of a 'dactyl and further. My impressions of Ark after completing all this was, "Its different". Crafting system wasn't really new, Building system was more of less 'Rust', Combat was poor. It just had dinosaurs that you could tame and ride. Looking back at my gameplay of Ark it was the novelty of the dinosaurs that kept me playing, once you had a couple of them, if you didn'
  6. Well what do you expect when the parent company is Activision.... The people who bring you CoD, explains itself there.
  7. EDIT: I missed the word "Skins" the first time that clarifies your post. Importing things is a no for now. Later on in the game and design process it could change, but from what i've seen the community and dev opinion on importing items is that they don't like it. I'm not sure what you mean by 'adding items'. Do you mean items that you create in-game with the tools available or do you mean 'pre-designed elements' like thrusters and such? Voxel Constructs will be tradable as a blueprint so that anything you create in the game is allowed to be traded from player to player regardless
  8. I don't know if any of the following blog posts have any more information about territory control, but that is the quote from the DevBlog stating that there will be ways to claim territory in space, maybe through the use of bubbles, we just don't know anything other than that nora,
  9. Why would 5 be to little ? You have to remember that this is not the profit hungry Blizzard or others of the top end game developing companies that look only for profit. True that NQ will be looking to cover itself and create money from the game, but i don't see why they would be required to stick to the 'norm' of 10-15. I would say that many only follow that suit because that is what WoW started off at and it's been able to grow into what it is now. Of course I wouldn't know a thing about running a games development business so i'm only speculating, but if they could reduce the su
  10. Welcome to the Forums of DU, nice to see a person who's thinking about classic ships not the space ships variety To answer your question, the size of each place-able voxel block in DU will be 25cm^3 minimum, the maximum place-able block size has not been confirmed, although the maximum size of ship is potentially infinite. For elements obviously the size is not restricted to anything as they are pre-designed by the Devs and, as far as we know, uneditable. Hope this helps, and i hope you enjoy your stay in the forums nora,
  11. I feel like a open Q&A would be dangerous for me... I still have a plethora of questions I could ask that haven't been seen on the forums yet .. Sadly no Internet and just using phoned limits a person's posting abilities, so till then I'm useless ....... or am I ? *Evil Laugh* Nora,
  12. Hi, nice list of questions you have there, as I'm on my phone I'll just be quick and give a simple answer to the best of my knowledge, others may need to fill the gaps or correct me 1) As big as you like,there has been no mention of a maximum ship/station size and its been mentioned that it is potentially totally infinite, given you can make it ect. 2) we don't know, would be nice to have, multistage rockets come to mind also detachable warheads and such, I think with the benefits decoupling could bring they'd be crazy to leave it out. But maybe connecting two separate constructs migh
  13. We don't know the specifics of the planets that will be in DU, but we do know there there will be different planets and different biomes, as well as all the planets being procedural. This gives a good chance for there to be a planet out there that is unreal or hostile, and since gravity doesn't affect planets (when you mine a floating chunk of mountain) i don't see why there can't be floating islands. It has been stated that if you dig out a chunk of planet that no longer has any ties to the planet itself it will float, so since the code to support it is already there DU devs would just ne
  14. You just got me thinking of a language pack based on the FireFly serious, where a lot of the words are translated into Japanese or something. Was a nice touch to the serious and i wouldn't mind seeing something like that in the game, but i know that it's probably not going to be like that as NPC will be next to none and the only chatting we know about is either the scripted AI when you start or your conversations between players. Not really a place for the FireFly package i was thinking about, but translating to pirates and Elvin could be good, slightly confusing too if you don't follow th
  15. That would be a good idea, but then you would still need to police what the community creates as the translation, otherwise you will get some people out there that translate it incorrectly on purpose just for fun. Maybe you could do it as a average return translation over a large group of (allowed) people, where if certain translations come back higher than other ones then they can get chosen as the translation to be used. But again would would still require checking what's been translated. Good idea, i think that (depending on how the games put together) there could be modders out the
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