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    Faster Travel

    I personally hope movement is somewhat limited. I'd love to invest a large amount of time getting my organization to the farthest reaches of the universe to mine super-rare materials, and bring them back for a massive profit (assuming we make it alive). Or the opposite, piracy in the distanced zones where no-one is policing them ;). Either way I do hope they build it in such a way that travel between stars is quite long.
  2. The answer (as previously mentioned) is likely no. Although I admit, it would be interesting to allow for "some" connections. My expectation is that they might allow some specific data to be transferred through API (maybe things like currently online members, org announcements, etc) but it would be very restrictive and only what NQ deems appropriate for an API.
  3. One thing I would not mind seeing - now that I think about it would be a "credibility" system. Assuming I was a builder and made multiple ship designs I would have a known credibility in blueprints. However someone who only copies might have a known/shown history of copying designs or flat out stealing. Perhaps even a rating system for builders (that can be broken into different sections such as overall skill, environmental, copyright, etc).
  4. I like this idea in theory - it definitely seems like an interesting idea to allow builders to credit their work to previous owners. However I think this system might also be a little concerning. Imagine some scenarios: 1. The original builder quit, and now someone new has to take up his creations (for the guild, corp, etc). Money is still effectively being sent to someone and wasted. One way around it might be the ability to cede rights to a master blueprint. 2. Nothing is stopping me from taking a blueprint, reverse engineering it and creating the same blueprint separately (new blueprint). If you try to enforce a "similar design" algorithm across all blueprints we are going to have duplicates very quickly (people will spam simple ships to have copyright).
  5. I 100% support the idea of hiring an actual financial adviser to work at NQ to oversee the system development (or assist). The reason is as simple as the concepts people have been talking about - Getting the proper balance is likely beyond what anyone here is capable of (no offense if someone is professionally employed in the industry). MMO's are ridiculously hard to balance in terms of economy, we will likely have inflation if it is not done properly (or other similar bad things). The only thing I am actually concerned about is the implementation of some of these mechanics. NPC traders is a very concerning idea to me because it seems arbitrary at best. Similar to the idea of crafting your own money - seems arbitrary and somewhat concerning. Sadly I also think the idea of letting "the emergent gameplay" decide is also potentially full of problems. So all-in-all I am not sure where I stand, other then saying hiring a professional at NQ to oversee it would be a step in the right direction.
  6. I have a feeling this will have a totally different feeling then Eve online. The "build it up" game-play should see to that since unlike Eve we will have to build everything. Also the various forms of protection should help mitigate "standard" greifers. We will only really have to worry about people who go out of their way, and since I assume those will be few and far between that the community will probably deal with them.
  7. Just in regards to travel, I am a huge fan of taking a longer time to travel to various locations. That being said I would feel the need to ask for some supporting systems that can be added, such as autopilot. I think having faster ship engines is fine - you just have to put some severe limits on the fuel source. Imagine if you reverse scale the speed/consumption ratio. For instance if basic (lowest) engine take 1 unit of fuel : 1 AU of travel, the next faster version will take 3 units of fuel to travel 1.2 AU. Then you could also introduce much rarer fuel types in the future, that would help build the market even further.
  8. I think this is a fantastic idea. As opposed to having a "side" gamemode used for creating, why not have it built into the game as a sort of "meta-gameplay" aspect. Take some resources (energy) to power the "holo deck" and start building. Obviously you can still build using regular hand tools but this would likely be more efficient in the long run (perhaps even displaying diagnostic information). This would also be great for some higher-level play and corp vs corp interactions. Imagine the espionage you could conduct if you managed to get access to someone elses holo deck, or steal their blueprints.
  9. I expect they will do this only through LUA scripts. Allowing file uploads into the game itself is a can'o'worms they probably would rather avoid. However allowing you to project an image/video via LUA scripts, that would be an interesting idea. I know there is some limits already (based on local copy of scripts/etc). At a minimum it would be nifty to be able to brand your ships/empire with logos.
  10. I think your best bet in this is community protection against copyright. I think doing anything that will specifically limit stealing of designs, reverse engineering, etc is a poor choice. The Master/Copy blueprints do a decent job of allowing people to create a copy of your work without giving them the original copy. The master blueprint adds an awesome concept for corporate warfare/espionage. But in terms of dealing with stolen designs/ideas, I think you will be mostly out of luck. I think the only way to enforce this would be something community driven, popularity, or branding (in the design/blueprint). For instance have a sprayed logo on the side of your ships to mark them as the proper brand. I also like Mazillus idea of having unique generated ship numbers to showcase both the name of the ship, an ID, and possibly what blueprint it was generated from. It gives some accountability to the whole system but also does not try to hard-enforce a system.
  11. I love the dubbed version more then that original. Totally changes the entire feel of the video and its amazing. The trailer itself I think is also awesome! I did not read through the twitter comments but frankly it is what I expect. Without more demos being available, streamers showcasing, etc... there is very little for the community to go on other then speculation. It doesn't help that the current testers are all under NDA and unable to comment based on the current state of the game. Not to mention drawing the connections between NMS is frankly a terrible idea. My hope is that between now and release we will have it opened up for the community to really judge for themselves. Personally I prefer watching streamers to get a feel for if a game is something I am interested in or not.
  12. That would be nice to see cloaking on alpha clones. It was very disappointing when I found out there was nothing available until you upgrade. Even if it was on a heavy restriction in terms of cool-down, it would be great to be able to experience that aspect of the game.
  13. I feel like you may have taken my post massively out of context. First and foremost, I simply pointed out that the free version of Eve would be challenging to say the least. I have no issue with the free account, I just found that being a new player to the game it was both massively restrictive and made most avenues of the game unavailable. I especially disliked being limited to a single ship for my chosen game-play. Assuming you want to do well in Eve (measured individually of course, but for me that was defined as small corp, mining operations and a decent amount of money) I would have to put in an excessive amount of time to achieve it. In fact, if I recall from running the numbers it would take me somewhere around 1 month of solid game-play to achieve a paid account. Obviously this gets better over time (e.g. after you have the paid account you can upgrade further, better ships, etc) but that still seemed excessive. Or even the fact that I was effectively limited to a single ship (again, based on my experience of attempting to do mining runs with some friends and some missions/etc). Again to be clear: I appreciate what they have done and absolutely think it was the right move adding a free-to-play version of the game. I would have never even experienced the game-play otherwise. I just personally do not think that makes the game itself enjoyable and playing as an alpha clone was monotonous when compared to the omega clone. Moving on to your other comments, it has been my experience in the past that when a new title comes along for a development studio (especially if it outshines previous projects), the older projects tend to get pushed out. If you do not feel this is the case that is fine and up for speculation from all sides. I do not wish to engage in idle speculation on it though. I was simply giving my opinion. I will not comment further on CCP's other projects as I do not feel it would be productive. As far as DU goes, I don't think the comparison is fair (or accurate). Everyone is on a level playing field currently - you have to pay to play the game (in effect). You can then spend that money to fund your subscription and continue progressing. On top of that, there is nothing specifically wrong with being a difficult game or one that takes a significant amount of time. I think you might be confusing my distaste for a limited state of the game versus a more challenging game (where everyone is on the same level). But again I have to stress, I don't think its wrong to have more limited states in games (quite the opposite), just that I have no interest and recommend away from them. Based on what I saw of Eve, if you either grind to the Omega subscription or simply pay for it, it is probably a much better game. I disagree, there is very clearly an "end game". Once you achieve the best ships/strongest/fastest for your chosen goals, you are likely at the end game. It may be defined differently for different people since it is open to interpretation but it still exists. Not to mention since it is an open-ended game, end game for you might be as simple as using low tier ships (since as you mentioned, you can easily do well with early game ships).
  14. I recently (2 months ago) tried Eve for the first time. I did not have an issues since I was a beginner learning and did not have any resources other than the starting. Honestly I might recommend avoiding it. Not only are the developers moving onto a new project (and likely retiring Eve eventually) but there is a lot of other issues. The "free to play" is similar to a trial, which you can basically max out fairly quickly. Not to mention unless you join a large group, there is very little you can probably manage for end game.
  15. I sincerely hope this is the case. Regardless of if that is building your infrastructure to make components or just gathering materials (or both) a few weeks to achieve spaceflight would make this a much more challenging game (and much more interesting in my opinion).
  16. Being someone who has literally never used this discord server, the things I have started hearing about it since reading this topic point me in the same direction. Although it sounds like a lot of people have already bailed from it anyways so I doubt it will be as big a topic anymore.
  17. I got dragged in and quickly read the entire thread. Gotta love some of the amusing comments. By the sounds of it though, this guy was banned (fairly) from a discord that is not even run by NQ, and expected "something" to happen because of it. It frankly sounded more like he was trying to get a lynch mob going. I'm surprisingly happy with the general community reaction of "we rather see actual proof or for you to stop, either way we can't help its a unofficial discord channel".
  18. I doubt they would give specific information as to the issue. It does them no real good and there is little we can do other then speculate on it idly. I would imagine at best we might hear "We had some issues with client/server/internet/other, but managed to fix it."
  19. Based on the sounds of it, it is something my organization would love to be either involved in or at a minimum setup an office. I'll join at a later stage though, as I probably do not have a lot to offer on the get-go with urban planning. Great idea though.
  20. Just wanted to post an update in terms of our recruitment. Strategic Resource (or SR for short) - The backbone of the organizations strategic planning and operations. Typically a lone-wolf type of player who is able to do scouting missions, electronic warfare, and general investigations.
  21. I won't lie, I am also dying to know. I'm a gold founder specifically so that I can join the Alpha stages of the game. Waiting a week is killing me. Any news is good news as far as I am concerned.
  22. As a developer, I can say with reasonable certainty that they will probably not do realistic water in their game (at least not from the start, at any rate). Large bodies of water moving across a server with thousands of people would be a nightmare to develop and have function properly. Not to mention multiple planets, voxel collision, tunnels, etc. Based on the comments it seems they are possibly planning a more "minecraft" style of flowing water which I think is reasonable. However I could be wrong, after all DU is an ambitious project and maybe they will attempt full fluid dynamics at some point. Although I would wager its not high on their priorities.
  23. Its worth noting I said, "Get it off the ground". Assuredly a station of that scale would not only take a massive amount of time, but a perpetual income. I expect a smaller but efficient station that upgrades into a larger one is the best option. Actually one that can be built in stages would be the best in the long run I expect.
  24. Sounds like a great idea. Though a few questions come to mind - NQ basically said large stations will be difficult projects to accomplish. That being said I expect a station as large as the one you mentioned will probably require a large (50+) person organization to get it off the ground. You could probably self-fund the build by charging a marginal fee (say, 1-10%) as a tax for using the facilities which would fund the operation. Just some thoughts, come release of the game I might be interested in lending some assistance to a project of this scope.
  25. I agree, knowing at least a few weeks before hand so that we can schedule better for it would be amazing. Though having been in other games Alpha testing I expect it will be something like this... Weekend load testing (24-48 hours). Mid-Week mini-tests (testing a specific feature/etc). Generally they are developing during the week and release the changes for Friday-Sunday for feedback/data to accumulate.
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