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  1. I think i don't explained myself propperly. My idea was to get an Input that works like as an alarm. For exemple: "DANGER, your base is under attack", then you log in and see what's going on. That's a really good think to know. Didn't know about that, yet So, I assume they are taking some measures about offline protection, good to know.
  2. @mefsh double post!, that should be bann!! PS: I'm happy that billy escaped.
  3. I think we should revive that post. At least provide us an API that we could use as a attack incoming notificator. So we can develope some kind of mobile app that notifies us about issues in our base. May be when a "detection block" turns on when someone enters in our base without permision(I mean, if there is any one from our friend list or from our Corp).
  4. I loved so much what they've showed in gameplay. Moreover, the way you can build and assemble stuff it's easier and less tedious than Space Engineers. Also really apreciate the Re-do option (Ctrl+Z)
  5. Hey there! just noticed that eve online has become free to play. Never played it before, but want to give it a try while waiting for DU release. Just wondering if there is anyone here still playing eve online so we can play together!
  6. Seen on the last E3. The same moment I saw the trailer, my mind blow up and look for anyplace to get it on.
  7. Hi, I'm from Spain, Europe. You forgot to add Spain in the poll
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