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  1. LIVE FEEDS http://www.cosmosplus.com/live (Browser) https://apps.apple.com/us/app/iss-live-now/id1138994692 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nicedayapps.iss_free&hl=en_UK Be sure to max the quality out. LIVE DATA!!!! https://isslive.com/displays/index.html
  2. discordauth:cZ0r7oIXv1qH-0LynJhPMqdvyLC0kK6nMgsKwq8nD0o=

  3. I was told not to engage with you all anymore, to the few who listened thank you.
  4. Hmm only 9 uniques here but one took it upon themself to find my email and send me hate speech (beheading was one) and gayporn hmmm you are all pals and hold the same mindset its pretty obvious.
  5. Well better hope you sweep well champ because i will be pressing charges. Im out of here i can tell this is going to be one of those "dank" games where undercover discrimination reigns thats where the only community is leading it.
  6. Now i got someone from an austin ip bombing my mail with hate speech and gay porn wonder who that could be.
  7. To be honest im pretty close to calling the police hes creating a hostile enviroment by saying im tgreatening him when i have done no such thing.
  8. Sir that is slander now we are moving into real life domain. You cannot lie and say i threatened you in public domain you are not an anonymous user and are accountable.
  9. Lol its doesnt know when to stop, so funny, leave troll youve been found out. If anyone knows any info on the status of the official discord we would appreciate it.
  10. Uh you sound ignorant like you didnt really read it and are just here to troll. Please leave.
  11. The admins have refused any direct communications and this abuse will not be swept under the rug so respectfully NO.
  12. Uh i certainly wouldnt think they would bann a reasonable level headed person that is just talking about a ban of someone else like the proclaimed admin above said would be the appropriate action. In regards to how my brother was spoken to after he simply stated "it soesnt work" after he thought he had entered the command correctly "We can only act on the tome of the conversation directed to us and the words used in the conversation..... " yea even he understands that so why didnt the admin?
  13. Ok then well i happen to know you can include a reason with the ban so what was the reason for mine LUNATISS ban?
  14. My brother is mentally challenged you champ thats why im here not him, if the guy woulda just been helpful it would have been fine but no he wanted to be a snooty prick and got called out by someone who cant tie his shoes on some bad days. And i did message the guy he read it and ignored it like a coward when questioned why he didnt ban the "stephen paddock is my hero" guy he just stays quiet. Keep defending him.
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