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  1. Tango_Lima

    Camera elements that can link to screens

    You can also imagine spy satellite ( with a lua program inside ) to take picture at a point defined when warfare will be implemented. ____________ But it seems that lua program doesn t work in a device when it is far away from the owner-player. Maybe in the futur of DUAL, this will be possible.
  2. Tango_Lima

    Thrust reversal

    Would it be possible to have thrust reversal in game, for atmo and maybe space engine too. Thrust reversal = no devices to add on your ship so > weight saving + nice to see in action.
  3. Tango_Lima


    Biome could have another goal : Host differents BIOMES, ( that it is impossible in the void of space for example ) You can not have trees or plants on an asteroid. You could creat "oasis" and to farm food. Of course you could create a cube with big windows, but the biome's shape sounds better for me.
  4. Tango_Lima


    Because it will take very long time to build it due to the "dome shape" itself - How to follow the perfect shape .. it will be a nightmare with voxel tool. My idea it closer than a "package" with all elements like a puzzle box with all pieces inside. Some player could become designer an industrial man in the game to product and sell such product.. You could buy a "dome box" with all elements inside like a kit. You could have transparent dome or concrete dome or whatever else...
  5. Tango_Lima


    To NQ >> Will it be possible to have DOME like this, but many differents size + tunnels to join them - On no-earth-like planet or asteroids , without green vegetation and blue sky, i will depress.
  6. Tango_Lima

    Dynamic Floating Core Unit

    Hi, Air, Space, Land, ok these are places for adventure but, for me, there is a lack : the Sea I mean, if a team wants to give huge ressources to another one.. you must declare permissions on the very tiny 128 m3 container. 1 / In my idea, it will be possible to build huge ship like tanker or container ship, the bigger interest is to ship a huge volume of material with a small engine...( like in reality where a tanker uses a very small engine if you compare it to the global mass of the ship ). In this case, the tanker could be declared like a vaste container ! ( For a builder like me, 128 m3 it's just a joke....) You could send a ship close to the shore and declare it like a primay container ...Then, build a town or a base or harbor will be made easier. 2 / Second interest : have an another surface for adventure, you need to protect a fleet for example, just like the Navy ! ( On the oceans, the territory hexagons must be removed...a the planet will must be bigger ) 3 / Third interst : low fuel to move huge masses like a tanker in reality.
  7. Tango_Lima


    not only that, it's the huge perspective for the game play > factories and transformation with energy > it could be a big chapter in Dual
  8. Tango_Lima


    It will be great to have many ORE, i mean : ORE like we are mining now with 1 m3 = 1 m3 ORE but there is something more intresting : ore with a % of mineral inside, so on a planet, we could find ORE or MINERAL (=naked eyes like gold nuggets ) In that cases, player had to build plant/factory to process/refine ORE , sometimes it will be 0.05 % of Tungsten per 1 m3 and sometimes, player could find 1.25 % per 1 m3 or more.- DETECTOR 2.0 ??? For the game, it could be a big perspective for "Mining" ORE+FACTORY / INFRASTRUCTURE and not just an hand action. MINING 2.0 :
  9. Tango_Lima

    Space music

  10. Tango_Lima

    Nuclear Physics Engine

    i just need dynamit to dig big holes..
  11. I really want to know if the final released of the game will mean total reset for all players ? ( ...and territory unit )
  12. Tango_Lima

    Pet's walk

    Hi, When i see this pet's walk, it's look like old school, i mean the beginnig of industrial age in Great Britain. ( The robot is great !! ) It's incompatible with the period time of Dual Universe ( just my opinion ) I would like to see a walk closer that a Tarentula, with a creepy and smother movement in legs.
  13. Tango_Lima

    Discussion about sky graphics

    Indeed Felonu, these video came from the twitter of the Boss ( = JC Baillie ) , they are public.
  14. Tango_Lima

    Discussion about sky graphics

    Take a look to the JC Baillie's video and take a look to the clouds, there are totaly differents to the actualy clouds in Dual : Same for sounds and visual effects for engine in this one, we haven't these ones yet in Dual.
  15. Tango_Lima


    I don t know yet DICE but what i mean is a real gambling-system inside Dual . Of course any player can create a slot machine but without rules for all players in DUAL, this player can steal anyone with his own refund-rules... In Las Vegas, the refund is 94% of all money played by visitors, the casino can keep 6 % an no more - We need an equal gambling system like a gambling-core-unit maybe and the rules will written by NQ for all players. It's more than circuit or a race, i mean slot machine and others....This chapter must be written After that, like Las Vegas, the biggest structures could attract more visitors !