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  1. A perspective of someone newly involved into the game without knowledge of the history, promises made/kept stuff . Im on day 11 of my 90 day trial, you have 79 more days to deal with me. a) A scripting guide is a must. What LUA is allowed / what isn't. Can I make a cube spin? Greeter Bot? Touch, Say in 'local chat', change color, reset script....etc........ Easy right? b) Building tools= OK: There is always room for improvement here, No grids to line up to, no textures that aid in building. Current tool setup feels old and under appreciated c) Timer Skill Tree = Eve= Bad. There should be zero advantage for older players other than their own knowledge and abilities. I am not going to pay monthly fee's to get a guarantee of being owned by players who have done nothing more than just timer skilled up longer than me. d) Exploration = unimpressive. No new member adventures here other than walking around and picking up pretty rocks. How far away of a grind is open space exploration to the average new player? You need things to do, Maybe wrecks to explore, scavenge resource collection, sabotage, covert actions. Right now DU offer a small vehicle to new players, lagged market area's and thousands of hours of meaningless skill timers e) Economy in DU = unimpressive. Economy is the circulatory system of a game. It is not a closed loop. There is a 'in' and an 'out'. Circulation happens between those in's and out's. I do not see that you can buy Quanta in game for fiat, nor can you sell Quantum in game either. This is important because you are building a game in which player content creation is a major part of, there HAS to be a real circulatory system in which money flows in and out like Oxygen and CO2 in a body. Without this, you will not attract those content creators you need. Fiat = Quanta and Quanta = Fiat. Get a conversion rate your satisfied with and go with it, trust in your abilities to make a great game and stake your game on that ability. If you cant do that, why should you develop this game? I realize Dev isn't building a game for me personally, but generally, I'd like to see a clearer roadmap posted, a sense of more assured direction and actions that lead to improved player content creation that helps DU Dev make a great game environment This wraps up my first 10 days
  2. So I'm 3 days new today. I had never heard about this game til it popped up on YouTube recommended when I was searching out Star Citizen. Space you say? Build your own ships you say? How could I say no? SO I gave the 3 month subscription a shot. Being a successful avatar in Second Life gave me the ability to drop some of that good fortune into Star Citizen. SO it only seems natural this would be a perfect fit for me... somewhere between the two. I would say the game does remind me of the earliest days in Second Life, some of the same problems and some of the same hopes for something still to come. Unfortunately, I came in the same day someone else was stepping down. So who knows were I will be when my initial subscription ends.. I dont break easy so I doubt the learning curve will get me. In SL, I owned (Rented Servers) 30+private islands and was a decent in-game script hack. Im hoping I can get my teeth into some scripting in Dual Universe soon too, I have a bunch of idea's, but I need to find the scripting limitations first ...........I have 87 days left in my subscription You have 87 days to tolerate me
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