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  1. To add insult to injury, they scatter the schematics to build parts and anything over Tier 1 off of Alioth and also into the PVP unprotected area. A lot of us more humble and smaller orgs (like 2-5 person orgs) like just playing on Alioth and don't have a space-faring ship yet. So the insult....? Now the richie riches buy those schems we can't get on Alioth and post them on markets on Alioth at a big premium. More revenue for the rich, more tax for the poor. Like a slap in the face to those who are not in a big org or already rich and space-faring. Ridiculous.
  2. Great script, I really like what you did here.
  3. Question: I have my ore in three separate "hub" groupings of 10 containers each. Essentially I'd just link to the three container hubs and this script would then just treat that as 3 containers, yeah?
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