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  1. Yes, it's true that there is still ways to make money, but it's also undeniable that NQ changed the game pretty significantly, and the introduction of schematics was a hard nerf. As a solo player, the fun part of this game was mining my own ore and creating my own stuff. Now, the fun part of playing around with different designs, using my own industries to craft my own ships, has been removed and replaced with much grinding and traveling to markets. Perhaps this was always in the designers' visions and plans, so that people "participate" more in the game I suppose, but it does seem like they could have gone a different route, actual introduction of new content, etc. and so it's easy to see people's frustration and disappointment, mine included.
  2. I sometimes wonder why would I reply nicely, try to provide solutions and then get people talking trash. Like why do I care about some noob getting lost, someone unsubbing because he tried to "do it all" and failed blaming the game etc. Like who cares, crash and burn I won't notice. Too busy figuring out how much should I sell warp beacons for. haha, thanks for the tip dipshit.
  3. Yeah, that's what it looks like to me as well. Good thing i built some L containers, couple of ships and territory units before the patch, but space flight is many months away of grinding ore. Seems strange that this is what the devs figured would be a good next step for this game.
  4. Not trying to whine here or anything, only been playing for about 2 months or so and overall pretty into it, but let me see if i understand the whole schematic idea from the latest patch: - basic reinforced frame L schematic $810,000 - container L schematic $4,320,000 - static core M schematic $6,480,000 - dynamic core M schematic $35,500,000 what exactly is the point of this besides turning people completely off the game?
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