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  1. I hit the planet in my construct " harimau 326 compact L" but there was no crash and my ship is destroyed and burried 37 km deep.... I put in a ticket but it seems like there is no administration on whatsoever {SOLVED BY GM}
  2. But I don't understand I need to buy the game now in what faster I already bought the game so I need to pay for 12 months of subscription time right now to avoid a higher price? Being an alpha backer and not planning on having a second account how can I purchase additional time,?
  3. I have a sponsor pack so I will get as many DCs as that sponsor pack allows for however I do not plan on quitting this game and I do not want to pay more than I need to I have previously tried to reinvest money in this game and don't feel as if I should be punished or charged an additional amount when I have tried previously to provide additional funding to this company. Again I do not plan on quitting this game all I need to know is since the price is going to be about $150 and I have a sponsor pack which I am under the impression is going to give a few months of DC's do I need to purchase a subscription of a year to have that time at that price instead of paying the additional $70 that it will cost after the launch for the remainder of the year in the event that I only get seven downloadable access coupons My additional question is will DU provide access coupons that are purchasable for amounts of quanta that are actually distributed from inside the game and not solely other players. Basically how can we obtain access coupons other than having previously backed the game or getting one from someone who has
  4. I would like to take a bigger role in DU and blah blah blah but this just makes me feel like no matter how much money you get things arent going to change..... I asked to lifetime sub for a reason.... I loved the concept my message history from signing up for the ark ship goes back to let me see 9/3/2016. I have tried to get what I can and contribute what I can but..... What does NQ expect of me as a player at this point? Do i have valid input or am i soon to be replaced by someone in a year that wants to pay 15 a month instead of what was "pledged" to be a "very fair" 7 dollar fee Who are the streamers that you all are sponsoring? you gave an option to start getting the game for free with enough followers, who are those people? And what happens to those accounts who lifetime subbed and just... dont care anymore? I should pay 15 bucks a month so they after what will only be 2 years mind you until monetary equalization to a ruby founder at a few hundred can walk back in without batting an eyelash at a fee. You want to raise the monthly but you dont want me to reinvest or give me anything thats p2p content
  5. Things like this though are probably how 75% of your community feels and you should really examine how you all can be successful. Just keep chuggin.... I backed the game just like probably this guy.... But again it feels kinda like youre AOL free trialing on people with taxes and then actual monetary requirements being significantly higher without a "NEW" product to support the hike... not just we miscalculated... it sounds so... irresponsible... We as a playerbase need a bit of consistency instead of arguing over petty stuff and having to scrutinize your inconsistencies due to lack of development. Dont get me wrong its come a long way.... but do a vote a real one.... ask your players if they want to wipe on launch.... save your self money with server metrics that you already have instead of reinventing the wheel or hoping you do and asking double price due to idk covid inflation war etc.
  6. @NQ-Nyzaltar I have a sponsor pack from alpha I am assuming alpha was sponsors and beta metals. Look man... I have a 80 L core skeleton of a racetrack that when I started in beta I was told there would be no wipe of... I have to stake that entire thing out when we restart or go save the entire core set which would make no sense... The planet I chose for my "Home" is now the last phase of development. I started a single player fought hard for every bit of Quanta and now am being told I have to integrate further with other players or re-spend an exorbitant as my actual play time is a literal year) to recoup my current in game wealth and production status... This seems like it could have been handled better potentially with previous kept talents and deplorable BPs via request and that is all i will say on the wipe on STUs I have a sanctuary territory AND another sanctuary territory unit in a container in the Beta as it stands right now when. This is from when DU decided everyone would have a sanc territory and included it with the beta launch... I am curious what was the pricing difference IF contributor sponsor and patron packs are different than bronze silver and gold. AND regardless of how many DACs I get either i will pay 30 bucks for first annual from launch with 10 DACs OR with 7DACs i will pay 90 which is it gonna be? AND If I am getting 7 why cant I just buy the 12 month beta access at 83 dollars to be converted to DACs? PLUS Curious as well if I will be able to ever not pay for this game through some in game means... Basically how will I get DACs after the first few months or year?
  7. Well I upgraded my subscription so I went from bronze to silver I paid 60 bucks and then I paid another $60 to get another sanctuary territory unit which they have informed me I will no longer be getting as we are not going to be allowed a sanctuary territory unit outside of the single one that they are going to provide even though they provided everyone within an original sanctuary territory unit which would have made my sanctuary unit total two upon the launch of beta... I really feel like they conned me into buying a sanctuary territory unit by pretending like they were going to offer me one with just the bronze package at the time of beta.. it makes it quite apparent what's happening financially I think that they need to be working a lot harder and if there are not quite a few things that have been changed upon launch and a massive amount of content released within the subsequent months following this game's release they aren't going to get $20 a month from people who are paying 15 and additionally doubling the price from saying it was so fair to charge $7 is saying that inflation has doubled the price of the world economy in the past two years which is not true.....
  8. I chose to get a silver package as opposed to a ruby package for the challenge of seeing if the dual access coupons which were promised to be made widespreadly available in game we're still going to be as formidable of a factor or if the company is just going to need additional funding. I appreciate the honesty that the company is showing with its supporters as it goes to launch this game however I tried to reinvest in this game through the staff I also tried to purchase a ruby subscription from someone else and was told that that was not allowed I quite obviously want to pursue this endeavor but really need a better idea of just how much money you guys are going to want. So as a silverbacker do I need to give you some 90 odd dollars right now or are you going to attempt to pull a hundred and something odd dollars from me over the course of the year if I fail to do so right now
  9. I am a silver backer am I going to need to buy subscription time or am I going to start paying $15 a month after you give me one downloadable access coupon. I'm not very happy about paying more money quite obviously but I'd like to know right now so I don't miss out on something like I did with the Ruby package if I need to purchase a subscription for 12 months so you don't charge me an extra $80 in 12 days
  10. This is also very true and a real issue if this is the case this isnt our fault they need to go and figure that out and should have long ago but they cant. because....... the damage is irreversible after the schematics are sold. but I do wish I coulda bought one a dem beacons.
  11. I am Vyvacia The single player who placed about 80 cores over about 7 tiles for making a race track on feli. I have been playing since Alpha.... I am waiting an entire month Just to be able to keep the cores with only 20 slots for constructs left in my org que. I play with a larger org besides that personal one that owns the race track but the idea of having them donate construct points is just SILLY they want what they want and for the most part theres a lot of solo play in a game like DU. So. As I look at purchasing a ruby account from someone I wonder on your direction NQ. It will take almost another month to keep the constructs youre talking about nerfing and dont even think about trying to tell me you would bp them all. its a massive project but ultimately its difficult and long. just look at how you cored out the area to make the planet look all ugly and now i have to reterra.... I honestly do not know what to say about you wiping the game.... you cant. youve backed yourself into a corner.... AGAIN.... Schematics disappearing? HAHAH I have spent soo much money on fixing all of that and automating that .... see why would I start writing lua for this? I again understand you all are wanting to provide a better FUE but let us as the players do that. we like to play because we still can and we have all of these beautiful things to show for it. I do not find the idea of planet revamps important really..... for why? diversifying planets isnt really necessarry. Are you going to change ore distrib again? SO many ?s but I dont write this game...... I vote no wipe.
  12. Really have to agree here there is a very large need for a way to make this game really single player the idea of having surrogates and multi accounts really kindof irritates me I would like to actually gift my beta key not use it to pretend to be 2 people on 2 accounts
  13. IF you are really serious about this you need to treat this like its still in ALPHA even though we know you need more MONEY for further DEVELOPMENT. Take time and be aggressive with your coding... in terms of what you do for PLAYER in game QUALITY OF LIFE and MAYBE this game will salvage its once PLAYER BASED SAND BOX idea. We cut out mining and completely changed the game. fine. whatever things take less time. Now ramp with the other ideals. CONTENT. dont just add freakin graphic effects or youre going to piss off the WHOLE community. We love this game its already pretty enough. Be utilitarian. And post more goofy stupid updates and no one will wonder what youre doing.... this is like my first real time on the forums here. so if youre going to ask players about stuff. put it in game and youre responses will be better ESPECIALLY if youre serious about players opinion and input. but, too much player based change is probably few and far. You have some people who know what they are doing and building a video game in ratio to the world who likes to make shows about adult IQ ratios in reference to children... I think this has been well considered for. BUT. A METAVERSE NEEDS PEOPLE FOR GROWTH. And on a side note. The game is cold. Planets are so lacking in vibrancy literally EVERYTHING YOU know comes from this place... HERE.... but your games Dual Universe concept is entire other environments and should feel just as foreign. Think grand canyon vs scottland vs india.... Also it sounds like there are 3 servers here a dev server an alpha testing and a beta... I think cost could be covered if we just smashed some of those together.... that might shake up the community a bit but it could help in terms of development speed even.... just... somebody elses ideas. Earth From Another Sun is another Space game I would take note from in terms of this sort of thing. they are way earlier in the dev process. but their updates are like clockwork. and players arent groaning. IF you can pull off MORE CONTENT MONTHLY or bi monthly in terms of MECHANICS then I think we will be good. because as you add these mechanics it will give you reason for more content buttons knobs n levers.
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