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  1. Hello. My name is Eminio and many of you may know me. A few months ago, I joined Dual Secure to try and help repair their relationships with the rest of the community. It was an uphill battle but I have stuck with it. I have done my best to be on good terms with the other members of the community despite the trouble of the leader mmtheboss constantly going out of his way to upset people. I noticed a number of things that were off about this group but decided to stick with it, despite: The large amount of fake accounts that were used to pretend like the organization is rapidly growing. By comparing the community site member lists to the discord users, I believe that there are at least 10 - 15 fake accounts that were created for the explicit purpose of inflating numbers. The repeated reneging on statements by mmtheboss. Namely, stating that he would stop spamming people. The group allowed and condoned exchanging political power for inappropriate material, and denigrated users who refused to participate. Screenshots below : He offered to promoted me if I sent them nudes, and then insulted me when I refused. In addition they attack people and claim them as "slaves", as well as censoring and attacking any idea that they don't like. Now, after the group has been hit by yet another spy attack, mmtheboss has been attacking and accusing anyone and everyone who would listen, all with out evidence. Now, after I have stood silently by for too long, he turns on me and accuses me without evidence. I will not take this laying down. I am resigning from both The Void Republic and Dual Secure, effective immediately. He attacks his own people for no reason. Here is his accusation against me. Note the lack of proof and unprofessional attitude. He just attacks me for no reason. This is truth, and I will no longer be silent. EDIT by Nyzaltar: Discord screenshots removed.
  2. haha I suppose I did. What can I say, maybe I have a soft spot for wacky after all. In any case, i'm looking forward to getting more involved with the community
  3. Hello It's been a while. I just wanted to say that I have joined Dual Secure and am the new Diplomat for them, as well as Finance Admin. So I will be popping around to say hi to everyone and establish relations. Anyone can feel free to message me any time about any matter and I will get back to you as fast as possible! I already introduced myself so I just added on to my old thread. Have a great day everyone!
  4. I'm sorry if I offended you! I wasn't talking about your group. And there is a difference between a thief and a griefer!
  5. Yay! I missed the kick starter so I'd love to be able to donate now!
  6. Hi Jesse! I'm new too so let me know if you find some good people to play with. I'm looking for people too
  7. I'm really bummed I missed the kick starter. Hopefully I can get in on whatever they have next though!
  8. Hi! I just saw this game and I'm really bummed I missed the kick starter but I want to still get involved! I used to play EVE Online which is also a spaceship game. I really liked the action in EVE Online and I'd love to get in a group like that her, but a couple of the groups I have looked at have been either super strict or rally wacky and not serious. Are there any groups for privateering/piracy that are actually a little bit honorable? Or any big groups that have a subgroup like that?
  9. This looks pretty cool you seem super organized. But will there be opportunities for adventure? I think its great you give security but can members still go out and privateer?
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