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  1. I left this post before realizing just the type of depravity this individual engaged in within the DU community. I hadn't realized what the Void Republic had been up to between the time of this forum post and it's disillusionment, and I'm terribly sorry for not doing my research prior to trying to make contact with this person.
  2. I am from the Roman Republic. Our discord can be found here https://discord.gg/2X7CmaJ . I implore you to join. We in the Republic have a great deal to learn from you, and I think you'll appreciate that we've put a similar level of dedication and time into our governmental structure. I do hope to hear from you. Here is our primary Document https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I0Km1wGOyz72MU3HxDVoOHVoaClUQlcDFKI_dagHXlU/edit. We're making more and we'd love someone like you who shares a passion for state crafting and political science.
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