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  1. I always saw VMS more in the position of Switzerland. Wealthy and neutral. But the map is indeed quite interesting.
  2. discordauth:t6vtROOHIXUGJkjmsuvD1-tVJu870aI58fUlJjz-M0c=

  3. Ich möchte hier anmerken dass die Safezone, die, man erlaube mir den Begriff, "demilitarisierte Zone", im Vergleich zur massiven Größe von Alioth nur recht klein ist. Ich halte Neu-Berlin als einen der ersten ernst zu nehmenden Stadtpläne von DU, in denen nicht mehr oder weniger alles von einer zentralisierten Regierung genau definiert wird. Auch erscheint mir die Struktur sinnvoll. Mir kommen nur zwei Fragen auf: -Wo sollen die öffentlichen Gebäude und Verwaltungszentren stehen -Wo kommt der Flughafen hin? Spaß beiseite, ich bin mir sehr sicher, dass es für größere Frachter oder Sp
  4. This will be fun. I'm eager to see where this goes and I am happy to be a part of it.
  5. https://twitter.com/jcbaillie/status/914130505284636673 Guys, we are getting there.
  6. Well, I don't think we will get a download in the next 15 minutes. Of course, NQ should take all the time they need, but I'd like to hear some specific information
  7. So what exactly is happening? Can we get specific information why it is delayed, and how long do we have to wait?
  8. English: Well, at this point it would only show the same things like the community page does. Don't create your org there any you would be hidden Deutsch: Naja, im Moment würde es ja nur die gleichen Dinge wie die Community Page zeigen. Eine dort nicht angezeigte Org wäre ja schon versteckt.
  9. limited inventory volume. Just make the BPs use 0.0 m³ and you're good.
  10. why would you have a limited amount in the first place? From what we can assume, you can make unlimited blueprints. I don't see anything against that.
  11. Speaking as CEO of Vortrex (yes, actually with an R behind the t): While 50% of the seats in our company council are given to CEO and Sector Managers, the other 50% will be given to elected "Worker-Representatives". The Managers are in the council as long as they are in their function, the representatives have a fixed period of office. The promotions to higher ranks and the elections of representatives are strictly separated We want to be as fair to our members as possible, and in my opinion, you can only do that if you give them power as well. I would not call this a democracy, but we ha
  12. Well, it took you only 366 days to show up here. Well done.
  13. Signaller/Radio Operator A crew member that communicates and coordinates with the rest of the fleet, manages docking procedures and incoming transmissions. If you ever played a multiplayer game you know that communication is the key to victory. You have to keep active planning and execution of orders with the fleet commander. Assigning that job to another crew member could relax the captain in a combat situation and could manage diplomacy and trade outside of combat better. can be done by the logistician as mentioned by @Croomaron smaller ships.
  14. First of all, there is no merging of constructs (I am unsure if we can lock fighters in a carrier the way you think) in release. It is planned for one of the expansions tho. We have no confirmation yet that constructs can communicate with each other, although as players can remotely control them it will probably be possible. Also, I think we saw an antenna once. Scripting automated flight behavior will be possible, but extremely limited. You could assign small ships to get into position so the pilots get into them easier. Scripting and the RDMS, the permission system, is strongly connec
  15. No resource regeneration. the resources are finite, but the universe is practically infinite
  16. Welcome! Enjoy your stay and try not to be made to one of Cybrex Alts.
  17. I think NQ thought that the name Raptor Jesus was somehow related to the org itself (which would be normal of course if you didn't know Raptor Jesus in the first place). The org is against their rules, and you have to respect that. On the other hand, you really should not have to change your username just because you created an org that has a "bad connection" to your name.
  18. the arkship pub is the wrong place for this.
  19. "Gary?" "Yes boss?" "Take a look at this room. Do you see anything wrong with it?" "It seems like a normal stockpile to me, nothing wrong with it." "Nothing wrong with it?!?! We started selling these products weeks ago. This should be empty by now" "Boss, we *wanted to sell* these products weeks ago. We didn't sell a single piece." "WHY?! What went wrong?" "Well..." "Tell me!" "No one wants to buy them." "And why the hell does no one want to buy them?" "Because others are selling the same items cheaper." "Wait, what?! We are the only
  20. Ich habe tatsächlich erst durch diesen Post hier gesehen, dass ich auf dem community portal eine mail gekriegt habe. Ich werde selbst dem sammelbecken beitreten, meine organisation alllerdings nicht involvieren. Übrigens finde ich es süß wie du dich über seitenweise Fortschritte freust. Erinnert mich an die Anfänge meiner org. mfG, MinerMax555 Möge der Profit stets mit euch sein.
  21. You got a lot of hate by the community. Part of it was just the normal "Oh, someone gets beaten up, let's punch him too" internet attitude, but a big chunk of it was reasonable. You did a lot of things wrong, got really angry really fast, weren't able to accept a defeat and ignore any advice. I will not miss you, you will not miss me. But it's always sad to see someone leave the community.
  22. VMS would be happy to design ships for this cause. Also, you should probably team up with DICE. I bet they are interested in such things as additions to their races and competitions
  23. The most important requirement for a nomadic lifestyle is a ship that has enough generators/reactors so it can fuel a resurrection node in a reasonable matter of time (respawning takes a lot of energy, and waiting days for a respawn is really frustrating). The advantage of permanent planetary bases is that you can use almost all of the generated power for the res. nodes, while a ship has to power engines, shields, nav systems etc. as well. The big advantage of the nomadic lifestyle is the improved mobility. Everyone should choose for themselves if they want to have a nomadic lifestyle. (I per
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